Endangered Species List

Animals in the endangered species list

Our planet is facing a wide array of problems. From rising sea levels, to deforestation, to carbon monoxide buildup; and that is just the tip of the iceberg. What these problems spell out is not just our species’ own survival, but the rest of the plant and animal life that call Earth their home. To green light the call for preservation, an endangered species list was set up.

The aim of creating the list is to highlight the proliferating concern of the extinction of species, and hopefully prevent them. The endangered species list is a growing one. Here, you can find animals and plants familiar to the average individual – creatures such as the majestic tigers that use to roam large tracks of land in Asia, the graceful sea cows or Dugongs, and the ever popular Giant Pandas to name but a few.

Included in the endangered species list are the more obscure animals that some might haven’t even heard of. From Abe’s Salamanders to Zug’s Robber Frog, these little known animals are also in need of our care and protection. All of these creatures deserve a second chance; let us not deny them that chance.

Addressing the issues

The problems may be many, and the odds may be stacked high, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do to address these difficulties. In fact, the initial steps have already been taken by concerned individuals and groups throughout the world. The rallying call now is for recovery and the prevention of lengthening the endangered species list.

Steps taken

Laws have been enacted by countries concerned about the preservation of the creatures that dwell within, and sometimes even outside their borders. In the US alone, the Endangered Species Act (ESA) was passed back in 1973. Key to this is the “recovery” of endangered and threatened species, which will ensure their long term survival.

The US is not alone when it comes to preserving their countries wildlife. Numerous countries have answered the call and have passed their own set of laws — laws which grant huge swaths of their land and bodies of water to become wildlife preserves, laws that bar the trade of animal parts for market consumption. These are just examples of the steps being taken for the recovery of endangered species – and important steps they are.

Conservation is the key to the reduction of the endangered species list. We may have been a substantial catalyst for the decline of their numbers, but it is also important to consider that we are also a catalyst for their recovery and preservation.

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