The 10 best educational robotics projects for boys and girls in 2020

There are many educational robotics projects for boys and girls. There are different levels of difficulty. All of them can be good learning for the little ones in the house.

We know that robotics games provide a multitude of benefits at an early age: projecting a plan of action, knowing how to separate tasks, developing strategies, gaining construction and elaboration skills, and solving unexpected problems.

Children must learn to draw up a strategy to achieve their goals, and robotics is precisely about that.

This is precisely one of the reasons why teaching robotics subjects are currently being adopted in hundreds of educational centers in our country and worldwide.

On the other hand, robotics can be approached as a subject that tries to be a common thread between different specialties, forming a kind of interdisciplinary project that is approached from several subjects. Thus, a robotics project is treated from the design of the project (art), programming (computer science), resolution of various problems (science), and even in the group debates to form that project.

But at the point where we are convinced that an educational robotics game is our choice to give to our children, or to acquire it in order to introduce them to the subject, doubts arise...

The list that we present below depends on the tastes and interests of each one according to the difficulty or the area to improve. We propose this list of Educational Robotics products that, more or less, range from the simplest to the most professional.

1. Sphero Robotic Sphere - SPRK

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the design of this robotic sphere, because it has a lot of juice. This kind of robot that works similar to the mythical BB8 from Star Wars, is a complete educational robotics game, which aims to introduce the little ones to the construction and programming of automatons. It focuses fundamentally on STEM programming languages, so we will find countless catalogs and tutorials on the net.

Its strong points are two: on the one hand, it has a stabilizing gyroscope system so that the sphere moves and maintains its center of gravity, and that is not included in almost any homemade robotics construction set . It is a good opportunity for your learning. On the other hand, and as a second strong point, we will be able to control our sphere robot through a phone application... Who gives more? Well, to make matters worse, this robot has a small array of programmable LEDs with different lighting patterns, a wonder

This sphere is great fun for the little ones in the house and allows an easy introduction to programming.

Perhaps the only problem we found is the price, which is somewhat high, about €148, although we can find it a little cheaper on Amazon during sales.

You can find it available at the best prices from HERE

2. Kit 6-1 Qoopers STEM

This robotics construction and education kit is truly original and recommended for the different assembly and construction options it presents.

It is actually 6 Robots in one, and it also has the ability to be programmed in STEM languages, ideal for learning due to its simplicity.

It is a robust kit, built mostly of metal, and has a small screen with LED effects so that we can even send messages from it to anyone who see the bot.We can program faces, and express certain emotions through a kind of programmable “EMOJI”

Get the Robobloq app to get the most out of it and even remote control your design.

This robotic kit allows you to make various interesting constructions. And if you have two, it allows you to fight between very similar robots.

3. Mega 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

If the previous 6-in-1 set seemed complete to you, get ready to see this 14-in-1 set that also contains a solar energy kit. The great advantage of this robotics toy is that it can begin to introduce the student to the world of solar energy with all that this entails. When the child sees that it is not necessary to use a battery for an electrical device to work, he will begin to rethink many things.

We can build 14 different types of robot, from an insect type to one based on wheels, in this way, we will be able to elaborate different scenarios and pose the problem so that the student finds which design is the most suitable to overcome them.

An interesting proposal that relates robotics to solar energy.

4. Makeblock Ranger

One of the most extreme designs for a really interesting robot. Its main peculiarity is precisely that it is propelled by "chains" in the style of a tank or caterpillar. This gives a “military” aesthetic to the whole.

It also has a kit of sensors and optics to provide the set with dozens of extra programmable functionalities. It is also controllable via App on tablet or phone.

One of the robots that we sell in "The Science of Jaun" that allows an advanced introduction to the world of robotics. Easy and flexible.

5. Wundekind Robbery

Perhaps one of the most differentiated proposals from its competitors. It is made up of interconnectable blocks by means of a magnetic system, which is also compatible with Lego blocks. It has different mounting options and includes sensors, including a light sensor that we can program to trigger certain actions that we have previously programmed.

This project is very interesting because it is proposed with compact blocks that you can connect in many different ways and, in addition, you can add LEGO pieces.

6.LEGO Boost

Just saying Lego is synonymous with guarantee and experience in the sector. Let's not forget that they were the first, the pioneers in the field of robotics for educational purposes.

This is an all-in-one robotics starter kit, so we don't need other parts to complete it. Even so, it is expandable with other Lego pieces. It has the well-known robotic motor that we find in other products, such as the Technix range. To begin with, of course, a robot made of LEGO pieces that gives you assembly versatility.

7. Weelrobot

Perhaps one of the star products of the educational robotics kit, due to its enormous possibilities and programming capacity, as well as integration in a mobile environment through an APP. The pieces are robust, designed to last, and it includes, of course, a real Arduino-type board, so that we can make the most of its possibilities. Its price of more than €400 may seem expensive, but as soon as you have it in your hands, you will understand why it has that price.

This kit is for the advanced. Its programming possibilities are very interesting.

8.Robotics book pack

What would become of us without a good instruction manual? They are necessary in almost any aspect of life, and educational robotics could not be less Think about the number of tasks that you could propose, but that, due to ignorance, escape you.

Improve your productivity by producing robots, and improve your knowledge along the way with this set of robotics mechanics books.

Indispensable pack for those who want to get into robotics seriously. Among the books there is one where you can learn about robotics that we sell in "The Science of Jaun"

9. Inventor Kit

Truly the sacred chalice of robotics, even for somewhat more experienced users, its success lies precisely in its simplicity, since this robotics kit offers you almost everything you need to build your educational projects.

Includes 5 projects proposed by the manufacturer, although, as you will see, you can do almost anything you can think of.

Best of all, its price, since, precisely, as it is a basic kit in terms of the type of assembly parts it includes, it means that it can be sold at a much more competitive price than others that we have viewed. Ideal in the case of educational centers with somewhat older students, with some knowledge of robotics, since it will not be so expensive to acquire several dozen units.

This project is for advanced users. Imagination is the limit as it teaches you how you could complement your designs with robotics.

10. Robotics pack Book+plates

One of the main workhorses of this article is that it includes 10 halocode plates, really professional with a discount that reaches 20% on each plate. For that reason alone, it is worth purchasing, but it also includes an educational book on this product, as well as a course on programming and using them. Ideal if you want to hold classes with this model of plates, since you will save a lot of time and money.

This pack is for the very advanced. The boards are actually Wi-Fi minicomputers that can be connected in a variety of ways. You can do robotics, home automation,...