Electronics varies

Science is as old as man . When the first settlers learned to make fire artificially, without knowing it they were already laying the foundations of science with this combustion.

Obviously, it is not possible to compare this scientific milestone with today's world, where we are surrounded by inventions, electronics and devices that make us life easier and without which we could not exist.

Therefore, it is important that children understand the importance of scientific electronics for the development of humanity. And it is that science is not only physics, chemistry, medicine and mathematics, but electronics has become one of the most essential elements for the daily life of the human being.

With this in mind, more advanced school curricula already include the teaching of electronics in their technology and science classes.

And it is that many of children will discover in educational electronics an option for the future that will lead them to become technical architects or any other specialty that involves working with these devices.

Electronics at home

Precisely because accustoms children to working with electronics and makes them feel attracted to this world , it is important to establish dynamics related to science and technology at home.

Learning while playing with parents, grandparents, siblings and friends in the family environment is the best way to turn science and electronics into something more than a subject that is learned at home.

Parents are the ones who can give the greatest boost to children's interest, creativity and technological development. And this does not consist of leaving the tablet to them and that's it, but there are a large number of tools, games and dynamics that can be carried out to achieve that goal.

Thus, there are families that every weekend dedicate themselves to creating a new activity through the technological devices that are used daily at home. In this way, children develop skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their goal.

Options on tablets or mobiles

The latest generation tablets and mobiles are a good tool if you know how to use them well.

As has been pointed out, it is not enough to leave them in the hands of children with YouTube videos, but it is important to browse the catalog of market applications until you find an option that may be useful to develop the children's electronics knowledge.


TinyTap is an application available for both IOS and Android that includes a large number of educational games for children. In this way, the little ones in the house learn other things while they become familiar with electronics.

There are puzzle, memory or creativity type games that offer an unlimited number of entertaining hours.

My first digital book

Fisher-Price, a company specialized in the development of toys and objects to stimulate children's knowledge and curiosity, has also reached the field of science and electronics with My first digital book , a super original app.

The book / game adapts to the development of the child and invites him to sing, interact with the screen and touch it to achieve the objective of the application. It is an application that also serves to learn English.

Other electronic devices for children's development

But the world of electronics does not end here.The development of mobile devices in recent years has led to the creation of different elements that open the door to conquer children and adults

Introducing them into the dynamics of games and daily learning is a frankly positive idea for the little ones to become interested in electronics.

Virtual reality glasses

Why not immerse your children in the seabed, put them in a tiger's cage or make them enjoy the flight like a bird? The arrival of virtual reality glasses They make all these experiences possible in a simple and, best of all, safe way.

Without leaving the living room, children enjoy this experience of scientific electronics that can show them, in their own flesh, all the possibilities of science and technology to create worlds.


Smartphone lenses elevate the quality of mobile phone cameras and can turn a fun family afternoon into a real movie. These elements are ideal to bring out the most creative part of the little ones, who can play to create stories and movies with their parents.

Just download an application to edit videos with many original and striking possibilities and let the director create.


Drones are also an element that has made a strong entrance into homes from the field of technology and science. Most models are controlled from a mobile application and can facilitate the creation of unique moments where the outdoors and technology converge.

In addition, many of them have cameras and can be incorporated into the filmmaking of the previous section.

All these objects, well used and combined with mobile applications, can serve as a great incentive within the mental, competitive and knowledge development of the 'little ones'.

Training children in electronics is preparing them for a world where these technologies take on more and more importance. Children will be increasingly competent in science and electronics and that is why it is ideal that integrate these elements into daily and family use.

In addition, the number of tools mentioned shows that focusing on electronics skills is not synonymous with neglecting other knowledge such as languages ​​or creativity: everything can add to the dynamics of science and electronics for children to have a comprehensive and transversal education in various disciplines.

Without a doubt, electronics is an exciting field to discover and one that will be very useful for the future professional development of children. Every day lost in that dimension move away from being great experts in the field in a few years.

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