how to make a homemade android

Building an android is a super exciting experience. Androids are great and that's probably an opinion we can all unanimously agree on, right?

Well, perhaps for some it may be unattractive, but in general, people tend to be attracted to this type of creation. I am completely convinced that building a robot with children is a fun and undoubtedly unforgettable experience that you can try.

How can you build an android robot at home?

To design and assemble a simple android you will need to gather the following materials.

  • Glue.
  • Cardboard boxes, old toys or cans.
  • Plastic lids
  • Palettes
  • Painting
  • A remote-controlled cart or an electric motor
  • A stack.
  • Recorder

To assemble the robot you must:

  • The first thing you need to do is define the structure of your robot. The simplest way is to make it in the form of squares to assemble the robot's head and body, arms and legs. But if you have any other type that comes to mind, it is completely valid.
  • Paint each of the robot's body and head pieces to give them shape. You can use the colors and designs that most attract your attention. And incorporate elements that you find useful and fun, for example, binoculars, glasses, a telescope, clothes, mechanical tools.
  • For the design of the face of your robot you can make the eyes with plastic caps. For the legs two cans and the arms you can build them out of cardboard or pallets.
  • Make a solid base where you can put the robot on and it remains stable and can move without problems.
  • To move the robot you can use the power base of a remote control cart which you could attach to the base of the robot. The idea that you can use a remote control car is fantastic because it will allow you to make your robot a remote control. But if you don't have a remote control car handy, you can use an electric motor with a battery. In that case you will have to make a connection with cables so that the robot can have mobility.
  • If you have a recorder with a remote control, you can include it in the base, a pre-recorded message that you want your robot to say
  • Once you've incorporated the power source, glue the entire body of the robot to the base.

This type of robot contains a simple and quite fun design that you can assemble by sharing with the children.

But if you wish you can also consider a more elaborate model. Which obviously should include a more flexible budget than if you did it with recyclable material. This is the case of robotics kits available on the market.

This type of robot has technology developed by professionals. In this case you would probably not have the same freedom that you would have when creating a personal design, however you could use all the fantastic developments that it is possible to find in this branch of robotics.With models that allow you to stimulate learning through lessons built into each robot

Best of all, it's not just about building a robot, but an entire work of engineering, in which you can create. This type of kit comes with a series of instructions that allow you to guide the assembly of your robot step by step.

Some of the areas of focus that allow this type of robot to work with children is in strengthening their personality qualities, such as empathy, self-confidence, camaraderie, and teamwork.

Where can you buy a robotics kit? Well, it is very easy to find them through online stores, even where you can choose the type of robot you want to build with your children.

Buy or create? It is a topic that you should basically focus on what you are looking for with the project you want to develop with the child

What are the advantages of teaching a child to build a robot?

  • Robotics programs develop creativity, ingenuity, critical thinking skills
  • These types of activities allow children to broaden their understanding of how things work.
  • Children can also develop their problem-solving skills when they encounter problems when assembling the robot.
  • Robotics is super fun. This means that many creative and innovative competitions arise today in which children can develop their abilities. Introducing them to the world of robotics undoubtedly opens up a universe of possibilities that I was able to make the most of.
  • It will improve your motivation. When a child learns that he or she has the ability to make great mechanical devices that can control the world, he or she will be self-motivated and do great things

Children will always see robotics as an interesting activity instead of an educational activity, it also stimulates learning areas such as mathematics, physics, electronics, engineering, programming, etc.

Focus on learning, expanding knowledge of robotics allows children throughout their schooling to increase their ability to be analytical, creative and innovative and more productive members of society.

Technology, one of the most relevant places in the modern world, and this is probably a trend that is unlikely to disappear from our daily lives.

By teaching our kids the basics of robotics, we can open up a whole new world and exciting opportunities for them by giving them easy access. It is capable of laying good foundations for a future professional career.

Robotics gives kids the technical and interpersonal skills they'll need to influence the future economy and become well-rounded adults, and it's never too early to get involved. With high-quality education, guidance and opportunities in this line, any child can find a promising and successful future in her career.