10 best educational games that you should not miss

We all like to spend some time with friends or family in front of a board game. Laughter and fun are guaranteed, although sometimes we wonder what we can do as parents so that our children or loved ones can improve their learning while being entertained.

Much has been said in recent years about the already mythical gamification of education, that is, turning educational activities into a kind of video game, in which after each achievement a reward is provided, or the student progress.

This thing that seems so new, and that is being implemented in many academies (especially in online education) has existed for decades.

The so-called educational board games have been with us for so long that on many occasions we have come to despise them as classic or outdated, and even some generations do not even know them.

Who hasn't played the mythical Quimicefa? Or unsuccessfully tried to complete the wonderful collectible Once upon a time the Human Body?. As children we were fascinated by these types of games, and practically without realizing it, it turns out that we were learning.

Oldschool gamification was what was popular and hit the young kids of the 80s and 90s... And yet, one day that ended.

Educational APPs emerged like mushrooms, and all that retro, it was a little too Vintage for the youngest.

What do we consider an educational game

We consider an educational game, any game with which we can indirectly obtain scientific, technical, or general knowledge (for example, Trivial).

As we can see, we do not make a distinction between video games for PC, Mobile phone or board, because, honestly, it would be throwing stones at our own roof.

Digital support has been a real revolution in the education sector and we cannot demonstrate it in a way that makes it seem anecdotal.

Many children have had their first contact with educational games, precisely with a phone or a tablet.

Despite this, we also like to highlight the important role that “analog games” have had in this whole sector of educational games.

Many of us have grown up assembling small engineering works thanks to Mekano, or his competitors, building castles with Legos, or playing endless hours of Memory-type games with cardboard cards.

The “physical” support adds an additional layer to the education, and implements the participant's hand-eye correlation, which is otherwise impossible. Manipulating objects in a tangible way in 3D will always be better than in a virtual way -although with advances in augmented reality, this is no longer true-.

Tips for choosing an educational game for our children

We always say that one of the main motivations that we have to observe before purchasing one of these educational games should be that the age range recommended by the manufacturer is adjusted to that of the person who is going to use the game. .

We cannot claim that a 3-year-old child feels particularly motivated or attracted to one intended for those over 8 years of age, and vice versa. In some we can generate dangerous feelings of frustration, in others, on the other hand, we will provoke boredom and disinterest.

Both options are not recommended at all, so this factor must be taken into account.

Once this is done, it would always be optimal to acquire a game with which the child or young person feels familiar, and there is a certain prior interest.In this way we will make it much more attractive and digestible a priori

One piece of advice we give is that the first games, or moments of play with the one we have chosen, should always be in our company and supervised. For them, we must know the rules and how it works “from top to bottom” to be able to resolve any doubts that arise in the little ones as we play.

Our top best science games

Well, getting into the matter, we are true fans of this type of game, and after hundreds of hours invested in front of many of them, we have compiled what, in our opinion, are the best 10 educational games out there today available on the market.

There are many different types, from educational children's tablets, to great and essential classics that every child should have to play at home in a moment of boredom.

Choose the one that best suits your needs, and meet the requirements that we mentioned above:

Word, Language Development

Palabrea de Ludillo, is a flash card type game, in which we must think of words on predetermined themes as quickly as possible and without making mistakes

One letter indicates the category and the other which letter we should use, the speed and correctness of the answer are rewarded.

This game enhances the areas of the brain dedicated to the association of content and correlations between concept and character.

A very simple game to play, and given its format you can take it to the beach, pool or camping, a very wise choice that you can also get at the best price through our affiliate store HERE

365 puzzles and logic games: Test your neurons

This game puts a very interesting twist on the concept of an educational game, and is presented in a traditional book format. There are no dice, no boards or tokens… Just our brains against puzzles and problems.

Try to solve the problems that the book proposes. A reader throws one of these puzzles at the participants, and each tries to solve it.

This is a very interesting and attractive variant of an education game that you may not have heard of.

Buy it in physical format or typel from this LINK at a price that will really surprise you.

Switch Nintendo Labo: Toy-Con Variety Kit

Nintendo Switch has become, on its own merits, the educational console-platform par excellence. It has several educational games in its catalog, and thanks to the Joy-Con controls, it offers a world of game possibilities that will make us spend many hours of family fun. But if we want to talk about a line of games that is really dedicated to education and innovation, it is the line of Nintendo Labo games.

Each of the games in the Labo line includes its game and a cardboard construction kit, with which we will have to assemble a special “machine”, which we will include to control the two JoyCon.

Once this is done, we will have an original fishing rod, the steering wheel of a car, or the dashboard of an amazing robot.

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Asmodee's Double

Dobble is one of those games that you fall in love with from the first game. We warn you, that it is highly addictive and very original, and will generate a climate of healthy and entertaining competitiveness in those who play.

It is a game that is made up of round cards with various colored pictograms. All the cards contain at least one pictogram repeated among themselves. The basic phase of the game is that each player must locate which of those pictograms of the central common cards, coincides with the one that that player has.

Whoever does it the fastest wins the points.

The best thing about the game is that with the same cards, we can play almost a dozen clearly differentiated variants, increasing the possibilities of the game, in which we can even play a kind of competition mode, in which we will play once, each of the game variants, and the participant who has accumulated the most points at the end of all of them will win.

Dobble is so successful that you will find variants, Harry Potter, children's, robotized, with various types of pictograms, versions to take to the pool...

It's very cheap, and it's worth having, you won't regret it.

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Virtual Reality Glasses for Kids + Educational Game

A simple initiation Virtual Reality game for the youngest of the house, and with a really interesting educational background.

These are truly premium construction glasses, which also include interpupillary and diopter adjustment, so that anyone can use them. Simply download the app and insert your mobile terminal into the headset.

An intelligent way to bring education to the youngest.

In addition, the glasses are compatible with any content created for VR glasses, be it videos or games of any kind, since the optics used are of the best quality.

You can get them for about €54 HERE

Asmodee Story Cubes: Classic

Story Cubes, is the ideal definition of an extremely simple game, which offers endless combinations, possibilities and interactions. It consists of 9 large dice with representative pictograms on them.

The player will simply throw the 9 dice, and with the resulting pictograms he must tell a story related to coherence and of a certain length.

According to their brochure, there are MILLIONS of possible combinations, so we won't run out of steam.

Check it out from THIS LINK

VTech Genius Little App, Educational tablet + 80 educational activities

A complete and powerful educational tablet that includes a keyboard, but its exquisiteness lies in its simplicity.

It is a tablet created specifically for the education of the youngest of the house and includes more than 80 educational activities that will challenge everyone.

The screen has a good resolution to protect the eyes of the little ones, and the keyboard is robust. It has a lithium ion battery with great autonomy, so you can take it with you on a trip.

Furthermore, its recommended retail price does not exceed €60 and you can even buy it on sale for a little less.

Take a look at this fabulous educational tool HERE

Dinosaurier Memory, Dinosaurs design

We cannot forget the great classics that have been with us for years, and yet are still in top shape, offering hours of fun, and having dozens of all kinds of variants on the market.

Specifically, this MEMORY type game of finding pairs between the tiles is about dinosaurs, so if your son or daughter is a fan of these prehistoric reptiles, you should give Dinosaurier memory a try< /p>

In addition, this particular product is manufactured by the number one company in the world of puzzles Ravensburger, synonymous with quality

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Merge Cube Augmented Reality STEM Toy

This augmented reality cube from manufacturer MERGE is truly an innovative idea, and one that we sincerely need, both at home and especially within classrooms across the country.

This cube allows us, in line with the Stem APP, to hold anything in our hands. We hold the cube of Merge, and thanks to the camera of our smartphone, we will see the solar system, a dissection of a frog, or whatever we want, directly in 3 dimensions in our hands. We can, in this way, rotate it, expand it, and look at any element we want from different positions.

Visit classical sculptures without leaving your living room, with great precision, or hold a human heart, while it pumps blood. Can you imagine the amount of possibilities that this little cube offers? Well, imagine that it costs €29 and with the guarantee of a top brand! You can purchase the MERGE augmented reality cube through THIS LINK

Explorer Kit for Boys and Girls from 3 to 10

If you want to look good, and literally give adventure to the little ones, this is a truly original choice.

This kit for explorers includes a backpack with everything you need to go out into nature and discover new worlds

It contains 24 elements inside, among which we highlight, fully functional children's binoculars, a flashlight, a magnifying glass, a compass...

Take the little ones to the mountains or the countryside, and have fun teaching (or letting yourself be taught) about the natural environment, exploitation and life outdoors.

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Hydraulic Robotics Educational Game

Sometimes we watch videos of large vehicle construction factories and we are mesmerized by that magical dance of robotic arms dancing, and assembling parts precisely. You know that you can teach how these machines work to the little ones, in a really fun and, above all, practical way.

With this hydraulic robotics kit, the youngest -and the not so young- will understand the principles behind this machinery that can sometimes leave us speechless.

Build your own robotic arm, and control it with this hydraulics robotics kit.

You can take a look at via THIS LINK.


We hope that this article has been useful to you, if you plan to purchase an educational game. We have tried to make the selected articles as varied as possible to make your task easier and to meet your objectives.

Surely we have left many in the pipeline...And you? What game do you propose?