Multiplication table of 2

multiplication is one of the main elements of mathematics and is one of the essential operations that we all must learn in life .

Due to its great importance, various teaching methods have been used to facilitate the learning of the multiplication tables.

In this case, the multiplication table of 2 is one of the most important and main, especially in learning the children.

This table allows children to understand how the multiplication process is, giving them the ability to reason and deduce, being the fundamental basis to be able to understand the rest of the multiplication table.

In elementary school, you begin to learn about the concepts of multiplication, because it is a crucial step in the development of mathematics.

Being here the table of 2, one of the ideal ones to begin to understand these operations, allowing later to increase the complexity to multiply .

By learning the multiplication table, both children and adults will be able to solve mathematical problems, thanks above all to the use of logic.

But, in the event that a child does not learn the multiplication table, this will hinder their development and will be very complicated that can solve some problems in the future.

Importance of the multiplication table of 2

Learning the multiplication table of 2 is of vital importance, because it will greatly facilitate the solution of mathematical problems during studies and life in general.

Among the pillars of mathematics that allow solving complex problems, it includes memorizing the multiplication tables and handle algorithms, all this combined with the reasoning and understanding of people.

Why you should learn the multiplication table of 2

As we have already highlighted, the multiplication table is one of the bases of mathematics, being a tool that facilitates learning of this complex area.

The table contains a summary of all the multiplication data and its objective is to be a support for students who are learning mathematics.

Therefore, the multiplication table was designed to help people establish a good relationship with mathematics and thus be able to ensure educational success. Also, times tables can be used for many careers.

An advantage of the multiplication table of 2 is that it is the basis for children's learning, which it will serve as a bridge for the rest of the multiplication tables.

Techniques to memorize the multiplication table of 2

At the beginning, learning the multiplication table of 2 may not be easy for children, being a great challenge in education primary. But as it is practiced daily, this process will become more easily understood.

Knowing the multiplication table of 2 is a fundamental pillar, which will allow students to develop in the area of mathematics, managing to solve in a simple way mathematical processes that require multiplication.

Next, we will talk about some techniques to memorize the multiplication table of 2, in order to facilitate its learning

Memorizing method

To learn the multiplication table of 2, you can use the memorize method and consists of the following steps:

  • Make a table of the multiplication table of 2, dividing it into columns and rows to be able to put the number it goes by to be multiplied and its result. It is important that the picture is in a place where the child can see it frequently, to memorize it quickly.

  • Have the child count from 2 by 2; start with any number and then add to become familiar with the table.

  • Then the child must recite the table for 5 or 10 minutes a day, until he can tell the result without looking at the table.

  • Then you mustlearn the table backwards, starting at the end and working your way down to the lowest number. He must do it until he has no need to look at the table.

  • Later, you can ask him what he just learned, first in order and then randomly. He does this at least twice a day, until he can respond without any difficulty.

  • Ask him the operations of the multiplication table with the numbers inverted, for example 4 times 2, 8 times 2, and so on successively. This will make it easier for the child to understand the other tables when he begins to practice it.

  • Write multiplication by 2 problems when you are ready to solve them, as this will help you master the mathematical operation and allow you to advance to higher difficulty.

  • Once mastered the multiplication table of 2, you must repeat the process with the following tables.

Fun learning method

This is one of the most dynamic methods for children to learn the multiplication table of 2. The steps are as follows:

  • Read stories regarding multiplication by 2; this will help children find the logic of these operations. Currently, there are many funny stories that will be very useful for children to learn this table.

  • Use games focused on multiplication; kids will have fun and learn at the same time, quickly memorizing the results of each operation.

  • Use apps for mobile phones or computers that focus on multiplication. Video games are very intuitive for children to learn quickly, because they will feel motivated.

  • The use of songs is highly recommended for children to memorize the multiplication table of 2. There is an extensive repertoire of fun music that parents or teachers can use for this purpose.

  • On the internet you can find videos so that children can learn the multiplication table of the 2 with ease. Thanks to this way of teaching, they will certainly be highly motivated.

  • Parents and teachers can set goals and reward the child when they reach it, this will increase their desire to continue learning

Shortcut method

Children can use tricks and shortcuts to facilitate their learning experience the multiplication table of 2.

The most common and effective shortcut is to use your fingers to count. This allows the child to be more sure of the result, because he will be able to check her answer on her own hand.

Games related to the multiplication table of 2

The methods that currently exist to teach the multiplication table of 2, have allowed children to feel more comfortable at the time of learn multiplication.

One of the best methods for children to learn while having fun is through games related to the multiplication table of 2.

Thanks to its effectiveness, a large number of games have been created that are ideal for capturing the attention of children, with the purpose that they feel comfortable when learning the multiplication table.

The most popular games include challenges, selection, questions, memory, fill-in and many more.

Tips for children to learn the multiplication table of 2

Children may feel insecure or find it difficult to learn the multiplication table of 2 because it is a new world for them.

Because of this, it is very important for parents and guardians that they see multiplication in a simple way and learn it easily.

The tips that can be followed to help children learn the multiplication table of 2, are these:

Waiting for the right moment to teach

One of the most frequent mistakes made by parents is to teach something that children are not yet ready to understand.

So it is very important to wait the right time, so that the little one has enough maturity to understand the multiplication table.

When the child is old enough to take on this content and has command of the mathematical processes necessary for multiplication (such as addition and subtraction ), it will be easier for you to understand and learn the multiplication tables without complications.

Nor should you forget a very important point: motivation, since this is fundamental for the child to learn to multiply quickly.

Explain what multiplication is

Children are very curious and like to understand things. Therefore, it is essential to explain to them what multiplication is and how it is useful, before giving them the table to study and memorize.

An ideal way for them to understand it quickly is to tell them that multiplication is the addition of the same number and with this they will be able to resolve accounts quickly.When the child understands its usefulness, he will find meaning in the multiplication table

Teach him the basic multiplications

Another very serious mistake is to tell the child to just memorize the table so that he can learn it. It is very important that they first start with the basic operations and the simplest, so that they acquire the ability to multiply and thus understand what the base process is like.

Encourage them to practice constantly

To master multiplication, the child not only needs to use logic, but also needs to have constant practice. This will reinforce their knowledge and also increase their confidence.

The methods to practice the multiplication table can be varied and not only have to be at home or at school, You can also put them into practice in everyday life so that they understand their usefulness.


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