Top 5 family board games

If you are looking to spend time with your family, the most recommended are the family board games. There are many family games that entertain, amuse, improve skills and are even educational for the little ones in the house. But on the market there are many board games for the whole family. That is why I leave you here a top family games to make the choice easier.

Games of skill

These skill games focus on solving a puzzle with ingenuity and sleight of hand. There are many examples in these cases, but the most significant here is the Rubik's cube without going any further and its immense variants of this wonderful puzzle.

But a game that I would highlight here for the whole family is Jenga or also called the tower. The tower is a structure with colored pieces in which each player must remove a piece from the bottom and place it on top, all without the tower falling. Obviously, whoever knocks down the tower loses. It's a hilarious game for the whole family.

Family Puzzles

In this case, puzzles focused as a family game can be very educational and also collaborative. All players can help each other, especially if the theme is to the taste of the whole family. They are all based on the same thing, placing the pieces so that they fit together forming a shape or drawing that can be spectacular.

Puzzles are also very beneficial for education and learning for all children. They increase visual memory, improve concentration, learn patience and impulse control, relax and develop spatial skills. But the most important thing is that they are games for the whole family.

Escape room games

This type of family board games are somewhat more complex than those mentioned above. Here focuses more on mystery and suspense with the goal of solving a stated problem.

Exit is the name of a game of this style. It mixes the mechanics of deductions with a role-playing touch, that is, putting yourself in the role of the story that the game is telling you. It's great, since the collaborative capabilities of the members are greatly enhanced.

Strategy games

And from collaborative games I go on to name a game that is based more on competition, And it is that Monopoly is a game with the end of fleeing the other players through investments with money fictional. And, although it seems impossible, is one of those family board games that you have a blast . You never know who may go bankrupt first.


And to finish, I wanted to talk about bingo. Bingo is part of the grill of family games par excellence. Luck prevails here, it is a game that depends totally on chance. Each player takes a card with random numbers and a drum full of numbers will be drawn one by one. The first to cross out a line of numbers must call a line, and whoever completes it in its entirety will call bingo!

This is just a small list of family games that will make afternoons hilarious, some games will improve skills and the learning of the most little ones. Other family board games will be more collaborative, and others more competitive.But the common point of this top family games is that will strengthen relationships from all the family and friends


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