Titles of traditional stories for children and their morals

The traditional children's stories are one of the most powerful tools that adults have to approach the universe of children. They help us explain the world around them, they help them learn in a fun way and they are perfect for warning them of dangers through morals. We propose the most universal titles of stories and what lessons we can transmit with them.

What are the best traditional children's stories

Although we all know the names of children's stories for children, we can't always think of which one to tell. These classic stories in list form can inspire you at story time. Remember that you can adapt them to the new times so that they attract more attention from the little ones.

Little Red Riding Hood

The story of Little Red Riding Hood is great for explaining to little ones that they should never trust strangers.

The Three Little Pigs

This story with three brother pigs as protagonists explains how a job well done offers more rewards, even if it is more difficult to carry out.

Tom Thumb

The adventures of this little boy like a thumb encourages children to achieve even small things.

Beauty and the Beast

Let's all sing!: beauty is inside.

The grasshopper and the ant

The moral of this story is the importance of constant work to achieve our goals; a kind of "don't leave for tomorrow what you can do today".

The Mouse and the Lion

The fable of the little mouse and the fierce lion caught by hunters is perfect for children to learn that no one should be underestimated for being different or smaller.

The Naked King

This story serves to explain to children the importance of having their own criteria and not letting themselves be carried away by flattery.

The ugly duckling

A classic fable that helps us talk about bullying, differences and that each person is valuable as they are.

Why tell stories to children

There are so many benefits of telling stories to children that we will surely leave some unnamed.

Traditional children's stories are a simple and engaging way to explain complex concepts to children. If a child has a favorite story that he wants us to repeat over and over again, it is precisely because gives him answers to what worries or interests him at that stage of his development . The story is balm and fun.

On the other hand, telling a story as a habit before bed helps establish the difficult bedtime routine by decreasing the drama.

It is also an excellent way to reinforce affective ties and secure attachment.

Stories stimulate the imagination, enrich oral expression of children and help establish subsequently the reading habit . If they are used to having stories read to them, they will probably be drawn to reading them as they become more autonomous. There are educational games that are perfect for introducing children to reading before they can read fluently.

We have suggested some titles of traditional children's stories and what their main teachings are. Surely you remember some of your favorite tales and you are looking forward to becoming a minstrel and passing them on to new generations. Therein lies the charm of the oral tradition.

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