Types of dice and their uses

When we think of a die, in all likelihood, the first image that immediately comes to mind is that of a cube with dots (ranging from one to six) on its faces. Indeed, this is the most common die and the one used in most games, but it is by no means the only die that we can find. We are going to explain the types of dice that you can find and the different uses that are given to them.

What is a dice

A die is a polyhedral figure (usually regular, but not necessarily), usually with numbers on each of its faces. As we said, the most common is the six-sided cube, but you can find dice from four sides to one hundred or one hundred and twenty.

The purpose of the dice is usually to get a random result, get a random variable, for this the regularity of the polyhedron is necessary, so that each head has the same chance of coming up as any other. However, there are also dice made up of irregular polyhedrons, depending on the function for which they are intended.

Why multi-sided dice are made

The different faces of a die that the polyhedron in question has will determine its function. Each game or activity that requires the use of a die will determine the characteristics of the type of die to be used. A game of Parcheesi does not require the same type of dice as a complicated RPG.

Types of dice: what uses are given to them

Among the different types of dice, we highlight the most popular and the most curious:

3-sided dice

It consists of a triangular prism with numbering only in the rectangles that form it. Mainly used in RPG.

6-sided dice

The cubic die is by far the most common and most used in most of the most popular games that require the use of a die.

The 12-sided dice

Dodecahedron-shaped dice were originally used by fortune tellers in their predictions. Today, this type of dice is used almost exclusively in role-playing games.

100-sided dice

Also known as zocchihedron, it is practically a sphere with small flat circular faces. This die has size and stability drawbacks that make players choose to replace its use with ten-sided dice, using one to count the tens and another for the units. It also has as main use the role-playing game.

Unnumbered dice

We also find some dice that do not throw numbers as a result, but images or small illustrations. Among these types of dice we find the classic poker dice or some dice that present a small drawing on each face and are destined to invent stories with the result of the combination of the different obtained drawings.

As we have seen, the possibilities with dice are endless. There are many and varied types of dice that adapt to any need. Although it is true that its majority use is the role-playing game, it is far from the only one. As you can see, with our friends the dice you can get a random numbering, play poker, predict the future or even tell stories... Who knows if by mixing various types of dice games you could imagine a story that would become real in the future. If you dare to do the test, tell us.

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