Educational robotics: what is it and how can it benefit my child

Children tend to show interest in new technologies and, in a world like today's, that innovation and imaginative capacity can be developed through educational robotics. It is a useful discipline of knowledge to test your scientific, technological and mathematical skills.

What is educational robotics

Robotics is a technique that applies information technology, the design and use of devices that perform operations or work in place of people. Adding the qualification of educational implies that it is oriented from didactics, so that children are introduced in a playful way in subjects that, a priori, are more inaccessible to them: mathematics, science, engineering, etc.< /p>

Robotics for children has a fundamental practical component: robot design. But more than a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge aimed at getting children started in scientific and technological disciplines, it is configured as a pedagogical tool that helps children also develop logical thinking, imagination and teamwork.

How does robotics benefit child development

The benefits associated with this discipline are the best answer to what educational robotics is: it helps those who start in it to expand their capacity for abstraction. In addition, in the process of designing and creating robots for children, children have to overcome different challenges and find specific solutions based on graphic designs and technical information.

This allows you to develop your logical intelligence and programming skills. In addition, robotics projects are designed to involve several children, so that group dynamics, critical reasoning and skills such as leadership or healthy debate are nurtured.

Another positive aspect of this tool is that it stimulates creativity and entrepreneurship in children. Thus, they develop new skills based on trial and error experiments, which enables children to stimulate their ability to innovate, think autonomously and undertake their own projects, as well as helping them to face frustration from a solution-seeking perspective.

Getting started in educational robotics

Robotics in schools appears as part of the subjects related to technology, but each time it begins to play a more prominent role. Thus, the little ones take on a more proactive role and are no longer mere spectators.

Getting started in this discipline as a child is not a complicated task, but it does require a certain capacity for concentration and perseverance, since programming plays a fundamental role in it. The best way is to do it from primary school.

In this stage you can use tools such as construction toys, children's sets or kits focused on understanding and learning each of the construction phases of robots for kids These games are adapted to the age and knowledge of the little ones, and allow them to be the ones to start new creative projects.

As we can see, educational robotics is, above all, a discipline of a playful nature aimed at developing other areas of knowledge related to science, technology, engineering, math, and logical thinking.


  • LacienciadeJaun

    Hola Oralia,
    Mirate este post para hacer un robot casero infantil

    Nos parece muy interesante y divertido

  • Oralia Millán Millán

    A mí hijo León de 12 años le apasiona la robótica, cualquier información o aportación q puedas enviarme es bien recibida para su crecimiento. Saludos 🙋

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