Children's educational robotics

Modern education has gradually abandoned the type of general education. That although they are still important to have a base, they have not proven to be efficient enough as specialized learning tools. As is the example of educational robotics.

In this case we will focus on children's educational robotics, a classification of robotics developed in the student sphere, this time aimed at children who attend primary school and which is used to teach the way robots are designed, created and operated.

In addition, children's student robotics has proven to be a very effective and fun way to be applied in scientific areas related to mathematics, science, technology and engineering.

Lego: educational robotics

The children's entertainment giant, Lego, has made great efforts to create programs and tools that contribute in a very attractive way to strengthening children's education.

One of his great educational ideas was launched in 2000 under the name “Lego EducationRobotix”. Whose purpose is to bring educational solutions to different institutes, using as a learning path the teaching of programming and robotics.

The success of this program is due to the fact that it provides students with a very fun way to discover through their own experimentation. Generating a motivating and trusting feeling, product of the observation of their creations . Thus generating the need to acquire more knowledge to continue creating new things.

It is also important to note that these activities are not enforced. The idea is that children are attracted and take courses voluntarily, which allows them to be seen as entertainment that generates knowledge. Not as one more obligation, of the many that they already have within their educational curriculum.

Educational robotics for children

Student robotics is a tool that is designed for any level of education, from primary grades to postgraduate degrees.

However student robotics designed for children, has the great advantage that it is seen by the little ones as a totally playful activity. Despite the fact that in the process they are absorbing a lot of information and knowledge. That taught otherwise could be a bit heavy.

Other reasons why robotics has been chosen as a learning tool is because robotics is found almost everywhere in our environment today. In this case, children as part of society interact with technology on a daily basis. But only as users, this type of programs and applications being the easiest way for them to become interested in development.

Now, despite what many may think, this type of teaching does not have the sole objective of training robot creators . Since robotics can be applied in many areas of everyday life. This will allow our children in the future, to have a broader vision of the world.

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