Who was Isaac Newton?

Surely in your science classes you must have heard the name of Isaac Newton. Are you familiar with gravity and the apple? Well, here we give you some details about this famous scientist.

Isaac Newton's birth

Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 in the small British town of Woolstorpe in the county of Lincolnshire. A prematurely abandoned child, he was born on the eve of the English Civil War, shortly after his father's death and just before Christmas.

The child was so weak that for a long time he was not even baptized. But still little Isaac Newton, named after his father, survived and lived a very long life during the 17th century, 84 years old.

Isaac Newton in his youth

The father of the future brilliant scientist was a small farmer, but quite successful and rich. After Newton Sr.'s death, his family received several hundred acres of arable and forest land with fertile soil and an impressive £500.

Isaac's mother, Anna Eiskou, soon remarried and gave birth to three children to her new husband. Anna paid more attention to the younger offspring, and the upbringing of her first child was taken over first by Isaac's grandmother and then by her uncle, William Eiskow .

As a child, Newton loved painting and poetry and had an innate talent for building and inventing things. However, he was a lonely child, preferring to follow his own hobbies, before playing with the other children.

Isaac Newton as a young physicist.

When the boy was sent to school, his physical weakness and his poor communication skills, led the boy to be beaten by his classmates to near death . Newton could not bear this humiliation. But, of course, he couldn't bring himself to go head-to-head with the people who beat him up overnight. So the boy decided to suppress his self-esteem in some other way.

Shortly thereafter he began to stand out among his classmates, thanks to his performance. He became the best student, and even more seriously than before, he began to be interested in technology, mathematics, and amazing and inexplicable natural phenomena .

Scientist Isaac Newton

Later, when Newton was older, he began his independent scientific activity in 1664 and drew up a list of 45 problems of human life and nature that have not yet been solved .

At the same time, fate brought the student together with the talented mathematician Isaac Barrow, who began working in the university's mathematics department. Barrow later became his teacher and also one of his few friends.

Newton and the apple

William Stukeley, who was a scientist and a friend of Isaac's,described how he and Newton drank tea under an apple tree in 1726. That's when Newton remembered, that was on the same stage where he had discovered the law of attraction .

he sat in his garden under his favorite apple tree, he began to think and that's when the apple fell. Newton wondered why the trajectory was like this... towards the center of the earth?"Of course, because it is attracted to it. So there is an attractive force."And that's how everything was born.

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