Who was Archimedes?

How is it possible that someone who lived more than 2000 years ago laid the foundations for modern knowledge? There are many visionaries left to us by classical culture. Geniuses who have helped us understand how the world, nature and science work. One of the most prominent was Archimedes.

Who was Archimedes? Let's discover the life and work of one of the most influential mathematicians in history and his contributions to science.

Biography of Archimedes

Archimedes was a Greek mathematician who was born in the Greek colony of Syracuse, present-day Sicily, in 287 BC. C. his father was an astronomer and instilled in him his passion for science. As a child he showed great abilities for mathematics. Thanks to his intelligence and his family's good relations with King Hieron II , Archimedes traveled to Alexandria to form. The scientific elite and the best mathematicians were there at that time. He entered to study under the protection of the mathematician Conon of Samos and after having studied in Alexandria, he returned to his native Syracuse.

Little by little he became one of the trusted men of Hiero II, who gave him freedom to carry out his experiments as long as they were for the benefit of the colony, its progress and the defense of its borders.

Archimedean Thought

In addition to the famous “Eureka!”, Archimedes has bequeathed us his brilliant method of research and thought, based on the heuristic . Heuristics are based on experimentation to reach the best solutions to a challenge or problem. Archimedes can also be considered a philosopher , since thanks to his thinking and his way of working they have served as an inspiration to scientists and wise men of all times.

His contributions were a shock, since he was the first to include a mechanical reasoning in his studies on geometry and advanced concepts such as center of gravity or methods for computing areas and volumes. His vision went beyond the precepts of the canonical science of his time and he is considered an intellectual revolutionary .

What did Archimedes invent

Arquimedes is the father of inventions that are still valid. They are famous for their siege warfare and defensive inventions, such as catapults and scorpions. He highlights the so-called “Archimedean claw” , an artifact that resembles cranes and was used to sink Roman ships during the siege of Syracuse.

His contributions to mechanics are also essential for the further development of engineering. He invented the lever system and is famous for the “Archimedean screw”, thanks to which it was possible to lifting weights and that was used to transport water, cereals or flour.

The hoist is another of his creations. Intended for lifting large objects on ships, it is still used today.

His abilities did not remain in the field of mechanics. He also designed a highly complex planetarium that was used to study the movement of celestial bodies .

Archimedes would die at the hands of a Roman soldier during the siege of Syracuse, but not before leaving behind a legacy that lives on over the centuries. The next time you yell "Eureka!" You will already know who Archimedes was and the importance of keeping the memory of him alive.

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