Who is the best chess player

True legends, players who have gone down in history for epic games or for being able to create a strategy followed by thousands of people who practice this sport throughout the planet.

It may seem that the previous paragraph is related to soccer players, basketball players or even Formula 1 drivers, but the truth is that it is equally applicable to the world of chess.

The best chess player in the world is a highly disputed title and coveted by professional athletes who play this board game. Becoming the best chess player in history is something they dream of every day.

And it is not so easy to be a master at the controls of the white pieces or the black pieces and have a style so particular and unique that later generations will remember you for life.

Even so, there are those who have managed to become the best chess player in the world and hold that title for a while. This shows that chess is not something boring, but an exciting adventure that has even been the subject of great scenes in cinema, theater or television. You just have to remember the impressive scene from the first Harry Potter movie or one of the latest Netflix hits, Lady's Gambit.

Who is the best chess player? Are they names that everyone knows, even if you are not a fan of the game? A review of the best chess players in history and a brief note on who could be the best current chess player are interesting to make a idea of ​​everything that this sport contains.

The best chess players in the world

The list of the best chess players in history could be endless, but there are names that stand out above the rest. So in this first approach to the question of who is the best chess player, we have selected the most popular.


Twenty-five years being the first in the world makes Kasparov's surname recognizable even by people who have no further knowledge of chess.

The young Garry Kasparov beat Karpov (another of the geniuses on this list), at only 22 years old, and thus became the youngest world champion in history.

From 1985 to 2000, the player held that position in pole of all chess championships at the level worldwide, which makes him a true living legend.

Kasparov, who retired from official competition in 2005, still continues to play and be linked to the sport, although he now only does so in exhibition games and to show other chess fans around the world his incredible feats.

Bobby Fischer

Fischer is the only American who has been able, up to now, to become one of the most important chess players in history. His main milestone is winning more than 20 games against the first chess players in the world in just one year, between 1970 and 1971.

This chapter of his biography has transcended the field of chess, since it is a very difficult record to beat, which places Fischer among the best players in the world without any qualms.

Watching or studying his games is quite a sight: unexpected, original, creative, surprising... His moves could leave any opponent breathless thanks to his great organizational skills and his excellent understanding of the board and the psychology of the opponent.

Anatoly Karpov

Already mentioned before, since it was Kasparov who took the title of world champion from him, chess player Anatoly Karpov is also a legend of this sport.

he Based his entire strategy on the board on harassing the opponent , limiting his range of motion, and finally making him feel completely exhausted from the constant attack of the opponent < /p>

His moves and, above all, his intelligence in the arrangement of the pieces on the board make him a true master. He is one of the main inspirations for people who begin to study chess in an serious, since his understanding of the evolution of the game helps very well to understand how to approach the games.

Who is the best chess player today

These three, Kasparov, Fischer and Karpov, are three true titans of the chess world, and without a doubt, they compete for the title of the best chess player in history, but which is the best chess player? current?

Because almost a couple of decades have passed since Kasparov's retirement in 2005, and this sport continues to launch great players to stardom.

Magnur Carlsen, this is the name that is destined to become a myth, like the previous ones. He is the current world champion in the three existing modalities, classical chess, rapid chess and blitz.

He has also become the youngest player to surpass the 2800 barrier in a ranking used to measure the game excellence of these athletes and, above all, he maintains a streak of more than 120 games without losing. And all at just 29 years old!

Without a doubt, he is one of the great chess masters in universal history and a firm candidate to be the best chess player in all of history..

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