What educational robot to buy for a child in 2021?

If you are thinking of buying an educational robot for your child for the first time, you should take into account the age of the child and buy an age-appropriate robot. This will be essential for the child to work efficiently with his robot and not cause frustration because the robot or the process of creating the robot is very complicated, something that could happen if you buy a robot that is not suitable for his age.

For elementary school age children, LEGOs are a good option. It is a game that in itself is very popular among children and its operation is simple enough for the little one to have a highly satisfactory experience that motivates their learning through robotics and wants to continue "playing". But be careful because LEGO also has different levels. To begin with, the most recommended is the LEGO Boost, ideal for children who are beginners in educational robotics. Your child will have a lot of fun while learning and it also has a very affordable price.

Little by little or as the child advances, it will ask for greater difficulty and it will be possible to continue with higher level robots such as Lego MindStorms (recommended for secondary school age).

I show you some of the most popular robots in this article, don't miss it!

Educational robotics kits

Buying an educational robotics kit for children is the best alternative if what you are looking for is that your child can start programming and can test in an easy, simple and fun way what is involved in assembling a robotics kit and ultimately build your own robot. In addition to facilitating all this learning, you will be helping and motivating the child in her intellectual and cognitive development. There are many robotics kits available in the market that can help you from the LEGO robotics kits that we have already mentioned before to the Arduino and Makeblock robotics kits.

Remember to buy a suitable robotics kit for your child, to help him and motivate him to develop her creativity. Do not buy one that is too advanced for her age because that could have a counterproductive effect and could frustrate her, demotivate her and skew her learning process.

Why buy robotics kits and educational robots for children?

As we have already seen throughout this article, educational robotics has a large number of benefits to bring to our children and whether we like it more or less, the reality is that our present and our future seem to be closely related to technology. so instructing our little ones from a very early age in skills such as robotics and programming will help them adapt more quickly to the technological world in which we live.

How to learn educational robotics

There are many ways in which children can access the teachings of educational robotics. In some cases it is possible that they are already doing it in the classrooms of their schools and in others they will probably begin to incorporate it soon, but it is not necessary to wait for it to be established in formal education since children can already learn educational robotics today from home. To work with the educational robotics kits or with the educational robots that you will find on this website, you only have to read the instructions that you will find in the product box or in some cases in the applications associated with the product.

If you want to expand your knowledge about educational robotics to help and instruct your child yourself to create educational robotics projects, you can do so by adding our website to your favorites and reviewing from time to time the new articles that we are incorporating and also through YouTube where there is a lot of video content related to educational robotics where you can also find project ideas to have fun with your child

The most popular robots in educational robotics

This may really come as a surprise to many, but we already have plenty of educational robots for kids on the market today. Let's see some of the best known in this small list:

1) Makeblock mBot

Makeblock is a robot easy to control thanks to the Scratch software, based on visual concepts, which is intended to teach children things like robotics, electronics and programming.

2) OWI 535

A robotic arm that makes different movements and lifts objects. Ideal for ages 13 and up. Recommended in cycles of professional education.

3) Wunderkind Robbery

Block game with which children can build their own robot and give it certain functions once they have assembled it through an application. You'll be able to program things from playing music to preventing the robot from bumping when it moves, etc.

4) LEGO educational robotics

If there is a pioneer company in educational robotics, this is LEGO with different robots designed for children to develop their skills in a fun and attractive way.

The following robots that we are going to talk about are owned by LEGO and have different characteristics.

4.1) LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

We start with Lego WeDo 2.0, an educational robotics game aimed at primary school children over 7 years old.

It works very similarly to Makeblock, in that the LEGO pieces have different sensors and motors with which children can give their robots a certain amount of autonomy. It works with the same programming language that we have already mentioned before: Scratch.

4.2) LEGO Mindstorms EV3

Robotics game recommended for children over 10 years old and with which children can build robots with different capacities such as shooting or moving. There are 2 versions of this game, one designed for school and the other for children who start or practice robotics at home.

4.3) LEGO Boost

For younger children (from 7 to 12) the LEGO Boost is intended, with a slightly simpler operation. Ideal for children who are just starting out in educational robotics.


I hope this article has helped you to get closer to educational robotics, learn a little more about what the concept consists of and how it can help children develop and enhance many useful skills for their future Add us to favorites and come back soon to continue learning about educational robotics and much more. Don't miss out!


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