What is science and technology?

Although both terms seem to be the same and are highly related, each one has its own concept.

On the one hand,science is all that knowledge that arises from a planned process that collects and analyzes a series of data to determine a partial or absolute truth, in short, science is nothing more than the theories applied to have an explanation of things.

On the other hand, the concept of technology encompasses all those results that have been obtained through a scientific process and that have resulted in the design of some tool, technique, method or instrument that helps to provide a solution to some problem. problem or that it satisfies some need.

Although it doesn't seem very logical, it is said that technology is much older than science, this is because the human being managed to develop techniques by mere chance. An example of them was the use of fire. Although much later it was possible to study what it was and why it was used , it was already being used to produce heat and for other aspects of life.

What is the relationship between science and technology?

As we already mentioned, technologies are born as a result of a scientific process in which knowledge is acquired or generated, however the relationship between these two terms is not only linear, since it is a symbiotic relationship .

This means that although technology depends on science, the latter also depends to a great extent on the development of technology.

In conclusion, we can say that scientific knowledge develops technology that will help develop more scientific knowledge.

Now then, beyond the relationship and dependence that one has on the other, the most important point of coincidence is centered on human and social development. This means that both science and technology are the pillars that support the advancement and evolution of society, as long as their application is ethical.

What is the difference between science and technology?

Now that we know the relationship and the similarities that exist between science and technology, it is also important to know the differences.

The first great point of difference is that science accumulates everything related to knowledge, being able to say that it is made up more of theories and laws. On the other hand, technology encompasses everything that has to do with procedures and tools , that is, as its name indicates; it is the technique with which scientific knowledge is applied.

Another big difference is that technology has an economic value, while science only serves to confirm or deny a statement. The only way that science gains an economic value is if it is transformed into some technology.

In conclusion, what differentiates science from technology is that the former studies all the natural phenomena that take place in society, while technology focuses on making use of said phenomena.

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