puzzles; The best games for you and your children?

The puzzle games are for all ages and this is good news, since we can find a wide range of them.

That's not all, as games like these have the ability to pique the interest of both young and old, creating incredible cognitive stimulation. Basically, puzzles are the games par excellence and here we are going to show you several options of them.

3D Puzzles

There are several options that exist in terms of 3D puzzles but, in this case, we are going to show you three of the best sellers.

Ravensburg Neuschwanstein Castle

The most popular option is without a doubt this replica of the castle located in the State of Bavaria (Germany) and just seeing it takes us back to a world of fantasy. Basically, it's an excellent piece for anyone who loves themed puzzles.

It is not that complicated to assemble, specifically, there are 216 pieces that we have to assemble to get this castle.

Wrebbit 3D Harry Potter Astronomy Tower

If you were fascinated by the world of Harry Potter, you are going to love this 3D puzzle. As we can imagine, this is a replica of the most emblematic tower of this story and to build it we must put together 875 pieces, for which is quite a challenge.

Santiago Cathedral by CubicFun

In Santiago de Compostela in Spain, we can find this magnificent cathedral that reminds us of the mythical temple of Catholic worship. Although, this one does not have as many pieces as other puzzles, it is still very entertaining, offering 101 pieces to build this beautiful cathedral.

Ingenuity puzzles

One of the most efficient methods we have to exercise our mind is through ingenuity puzzles and among the recommendations we give you we have;

Magic Magnet Puzzle

There are several games that involve images and among them are puzzles like this one, which gives us the opportunity to create geometric figures from magnetic balls. This type of game is known as neocube and it gives you the opportunity to learn about topics such as geometry, science, mathematics and engineering.

It consists of 216 balls of mini neodymium images with which we can create thousands of figures, such as necklaces, bracelets, etc. This game is perfect for both children and adults, so you have to try it.

Rubik's Cube

This is a classic and you surely know it and know that it is quite a challenge to try to put it together, but it is still a fun way to train our minds.

In fact, this is the best-selling game in the world and thanks to modern algorithms it can be solved in just 20 moves. Obviously, at first it will be a bit difficult for you to find a way to solve it, but we are sure that you will succeed.

Towers of Hanoi

In this case we are talking about a mathematical puzzle or game, which has a series of discs and a board with three small wooden sticks.

With respect to the objective of the game, it is about taking the discs of the first stick that are placed from highest to lowest and moving them towards the third stick and in the same position. In part it seems simple, but it is quite the opposite, so it will take us a while to find the answer.

Adult Puzzles

Unlike children's puzzles, these have a slightly higher difficulty, since if they were easy to solve they would not be as entertaining.Although, there are many options to choose from, our recommendations are as follows;

Ravensburger Bicycles in Amsterdam Puzzle Photos and Landscapes

This is definitely quite a challenging puzzle, so when you finish it you will want to frame it as it has a very beautiful design Specifically, we are talking about a puzzle that has a design of two bicycles in beautiful colorful sunset. As for its difficulty, it has a high level, since it has 1000 pieces and has a shape of 70x50cm.

Clementoni Puzzle 1500 pieces Tiger

Like the previous one, this is quite a challenging puzzle, which allows you to improve your concentration skills. The itself has a total of 1500 pieces, therefore, represents a great challenge and can be assembled and disassembled as many times as you want. Regarding its design, this is a high resolution tiger and it is completely made in Italy.

Educa Borras Genuine Puzzles

This is another of the great challenges for adults and to begin with we must know that it has 3000 pieces, so you will spend many hours solving it. It should be mentioned that this is developed with quality materials and has an optimal fitting system for parts.

Although, this puzzle is perfect for adults, those over 12 years old can try putting it together. Plus, when you're done you'll have a great piece of art in your home.

Educate Puzzles

The Educa brand develops several puzzles of incredible quality, and our recommendation is the following games;

Educa Borras – Marvel Puzzle

If you have a child who is a fan of superheroes, this puzzle has 500 pieces that feature characters from the iconic company, such as the Hulk, Spider-man, Captain America, among others. In general terms, it is an excellent puzzle that includes a fix puzzle and the free missing piece and queue service.

Educa Borrás – Guernica Pablo Picasso Puzzle

Another of Educa's puzzles is "Guernica" which, as many will know, is the famous painting by Pablo Picasso.If you are a fan of painting, this puzzle is the perfect one for you, although you have to know that this puzzle has 3000 pieces and is 144 x 68 cm in size.

Like these there are many more options in terms of puzzles and best of all, there is no age to solve these games. Obviously, the most recommended for adults are those of greater difficulty, since it ensures much more fun time.


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