Why it is important to make crafts for children: know its benefits

All children like to do crafts. They are a great way to learn while playing and are used to develop fundamental skills for your intellectual and personal growth. Parents and educators must know why it is important to encourage crafts in children, and what crafts are useful for children to unfold their full potential. And they are so much fun too!

Why crafts are good for kids

First of all, children enjoy doing crafts and for that reason alone it is worth providing them with materials and teaching them techniques according to their age and degree of maturity. In addition, doing crafts as a family encourages the creation of healthy emotional bonds and helps us spend quality time together.

Crafts are an indispensable tool to foster creativity, imagination and personal artistic expression.

With the manipulation of various materials, they begin to become familiar with concepts such as color, textures or shapes. They also help children understand more abstract concepts, whether they are mathematical or aesthetic.

By creating something from scratch, crafting helps to build a strong self-esteem and a positive self-perception.

They are also perfect to help control frustration, make children have to solve problems by themselves and educate them in discipline, order and the need to follow certain rules. steps to reach your goals.

Psychomotricity also comes out very well if you do crafts. Cutting, gluing, modeling, coloring or folding are skills that we all must master to continue advancing in development. Thanks to the crafts, fine and gross psychomotricity is worked on. The cognitive stimulation is undeniable.

When doing crafts with family or friends, qualities such as collaborative work, social skills and affective ties are fostered.

Useful crafts for children's learning

The first thing we must take into account is lage and the maturational stage of the child. This way we will know what activities to offer so that they are beneficial and help the intellectual and emotional development of the little ones.

Make sure the materials and games are age-appropriate. There are ergonomic materials, such as pencils designed to be easy to grip at young ages. Paintings must be made with non-toxic materials and blunt-tipped scissors.

It is desirable that children are supervised and accompanied even if we let them practice free play. activities directed by the adult are also useful to encourage attention, order and verbal understanding of instructions.

Thinking about a project from scratch requires creativity, but also analytical thinking, order and spatial and abstraction capacity.

Among the tools that we can use, the following stand out:

  • Plastic material: finger paint, watercolor pencils, temperas, plasticine, kinetic sand, clay…
  • Sewing and beading: lacing games, frame kits, stringing beads (beading), creating costumes...
  • Recycled material: cardboard, boxes, cans, plastic bottles…

These are some reasons why it is important to encourage crafts in children, but the most important thing is to enjoy as a family and create memories that are affective, happy and that help us grow as a family.

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