What is the tangram for?

If you've ever wondered what the tangram is for, that centuries-old Chinese game, and why it's still hugely popular so many years after its invention, you're in luck, because we have all the answers.

The key may lie in its simplicity and in the benefits it brings to child development, which we will see in a moment and which are many and varied.

What is a tangram

I can't believe you don't know what a tangram is. Tangram is a very simple game made up of seven pieces called tans. It consists of seven geometric figures of different shapes and sizes, including five triangles of various sizes, a square and a rhombus.

How to use the tangram

If you don't know how to use the tangram, the first thing you should know is that these pieces are accompanied by a little book that represents the figures that can be composed with them. Until you have one in your hands, you will not be able to imagine the enormous variety of results that you can achieve. Generally, the little book consists of two parts, one in which the figures show the placement of the pieces and another for the bravest (and much more fun) in which they only show you the final result. The only premise is that all the pieces are ALWAYS used.

Said like this it may seem very easy, but woe to you when you have managed to form the figure you have proposed and you are left with a giant triangle. You will think that it is impossible, that they have made a mistake with your little book, that yours comes with a defect... You are not alone in this, we have all been there, and I tell you right now, no, yours does not come with a defect, you simply have to pay more attention, and that's when you'll start to understand the enormous benefits of Tangram.

What is the tangram used for and what are its benefits

The benefits that this game brings to child development are several.

Improves attention

To solve the figures, the child (and the not so child) must concentrate and pay attention.

Develops spatial ability

The shapes of the tangram force the child to become familiar with concepts such as space, symmetry, geometric shapes and spatial rotations (by this we mean the physical space in which the child experiences, not outer space, nothing that do with astronauts and Martians).

Develops logical-mathematical knowledge

Helps to understand and practice actions related to angles, distances, movements and proportion.

Stimulates analytical and abstract thinking

Children, as they progress through the game, will begin to mentally anticipate the results, which will encourage their analytical and abstract thinking.

Encourages creativity

The child can also put aside the little book and experiment by himself creating new forms. In this version of the game, your imagination is the limit.

If you weren't very clear what the tangram is for, you may have seen that its benefits are many and varied, and that this ancient game is still an optimal choice to promote many facets of child development , besides being an ideal game to play with the family.

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