Mosaic: What are they? What is your story?

Art is one of the ever-changing pillars that defines the history of mankind. The different artistic movements have marked important times through the centuries, generating all kinds of very important and beautiful works.

Throughout the artistic journey of our history, different techniques have been used to generate incredible works of art by geniuses in the area, one of the best known and most popular are the mosaics .

What are mosaics?

Before knowing in depth everything about this technique to create artistic works, it is important to know in a simple way what a mosaic is. These are art creations that are made from other elements such as precious stones, glass of different colors and much more. This has led to the belief in history of works such as Roman mosaics, Byzantine mosaics, and many more.

This artistic creation technique is still very popular today. It is used both in works of classical style and in churches, as well as in slightly more modern works. That is why today we can see all kinds of mosaics generated from other photographs, with pieces of technology and much more. The technique varies and adapts to different times, expanding the materials used to create beautiful artistic pieces.

The mosaics in history

Throughout the history of mankind, mosaics have made various appearances with the creation of magnificent works typical of ancient civilizations. Some of the most popular are Roman mosaics, Byzantine mosaics and many more. Each one has its particular characteristics with a unique style that differentiates it from the rest of the mosaics.

Roman Mosaic

It's no secret that the Romans were one of the most advanced civilizations in many respects in their time. The Roman mosaic is an artistic piece that had a very peculiar variation of today's mosaics, these were used to decorate the floor of the most important places.

The name of Roman mosaics varied widely at the time, depending on factors such as size, pattern, and where the work was created.

Among the variations of the Roman mosaic, there is a technique of Egyptian origin, which had great precision in the drawings, thanks to the use of very small stones. This was known as Opus Vermiculatum.

Later, easier techniques emerged with larger stones for the realization of the Roman mosaic, this used marble cutouts of different colors, to create the figures of the work. This technique was known as Opus Sectile

Byzantine Mosaic

Although, the Roman Mosaic, came to integrate some works in walls, this technique known as Opus Musivum, was not very popular until the third century. The Byzantine Mosaic, was the evolution of the Roman mosaic, which began when Constantine I established his court in Byzantium, already reaching the fourth century. This technique has very particular characteristics, since it began to be used to spread the imperial figure and the official religion of the court, Christianity.

The Byzantine Mosaic advanced its designs, improving each time the technique and at the same time, the beauty of the works created in the process. Currently, you can see different works of Byzantine mosaics in the Church of San Vital de Ravenna, the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, among others.

These works are very popular among historians, art lovers and tourists, who want to appreciate the beautiful works that have passed through the history of mankind.

The Mosaic today

It is very popular that there are still different works of mosaic in churches, which are inspired by different Byzantine mosaic works. These are very beautiful, however, they are still very classic looking creations. There are different mosaic works that can be seen today, such as mosaic in photos, in tiles and much more.

Mosaic in photos

The Photo Mosaic is a beautiful way to create works of personal meaning with different photos that can be emotional for a group of people, friends, family, among others. These consist of using the photographs that are desired, to use the main colors and in turn create a shape or an image with it.

Among these types of mosaics, there are beautiful works that from a distance can represent a person's face, a message or something else. When you look at these photo mosaics up close, you can see that it is made up of tens, hundreds, or even thousands of photos put together to make a beautiful, emotional work. These types of mosaics are very popular in companies, advertisements, thank you messages, among others.

How to make your own mosaic

Mosaics are not works of art reserved for great murals and great graphic designers. These can be very easy to adapt, as long as you know a little about how to make them. You can create beautiful emotional mosaics with photographs or simply make mosaic designs with various elements in colors, materials, among others.

Tile in Photoshop

If you want to learn how to mosaic photos in Photoshop, this can be very easy. It is important that you have a basic handling of the photo editing tool, however, it is not completely necessary.

To do this, you need to start gathering the different photos you want to use to make a mosaic with this tool. There are different techniques, some use the color of the photos, while they are made with overlapping colors, this being a very easy option to do.

Mosaics for children

The little ones in the house may want to learn some practical art, while they are browsing the historical knowledge related to mosaics. When looking for how to make a mosaic for children, the basic techniques can vary a lot. For this, different elements can be used, seeking to recreate some figure, animal or other. Several photos can also be joined into one like a mosaic, using childlike emotional images, attractive to the child.


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