Tianwen-1 mission heading to Mars

The Tianwen-1 Mission to Mars is already in space, it is a space probe that has the objective of exploring the surface of the red planet. It is the first mission by the Central Nation to the fourth planet.

It remains to wait for the success of the other stages of the mission with the expectation of finalizing the boarding, landing and finally exploring the surface to collect important data.

The success of Questions to Heaven would be another historic breakthrough

This is an unmanned scientific mission that represents China's independence by winning space. The success of Questions to Heaven would be another historic advanceboth for the Asian country and for humanity.

Its name responds to an ancient Chinese poem over two thousand years old. Quite appropriate if we talk about getting answers from the universe so vast and complex that we are still trying to understand our solar system with the Tianwen-1 Mission to Mars.

It is estimated that it will take at least 6 months for the approach; that is, towards February 2021. After this time, the uncertainty of the most unattainable step will be revealed; landing, causing the planet's gravity to trap the probe.

Among the tasks that the team hopes to carry out successfully is to settle the morphology to build a mapping according to the geology. Also, collect data on the surface, as well as frozen areas, climate and atmosphere; in short, all the mystery that surrounds the planet.

Great expectations surround this mission due to the precedent obtained with the exploration of the hidden side of the moon in 2019.

Predecessor missions to the red planet

The conquest of space is how a race that has taken place since the last century is well known. There have been other predecessor missions to the red planet and that have been carried out by the greats of space such as the Soviet Union and the United States in the first instance.

Soviet missions targeting Mars

In the attempts of the Soviet missions with a goal to Mars is the implementation of the Mars Program implemented in 1961-1963. It was a probe to fly over the fourth planet, several attempts were made that failed at different stages of the process.

In 1964 a new attempt was made through the Zond program that was also unsuccessful after losing connection towards its destination. The probes that achieved their goal were Mars 2 and 3.

Mariner program

This program was carried out by the United States and in its Mariner 4 version, the closeness mission to the planet was achieved, allowing the first images of it to be obtained. The Mariner Program made subsequent launches, and Mariner 9 was the first probe to make orbital contact with the Red Planet.

Other Mars boarding attempts

There have also been other Martian boarding attempts. The United Arab Emirates recently launched its first mission and we can also mention Europe in 2016 with ExoMars.

So the race to get to space continues to grow and every day there are new competitors in it.

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