A healthy mind in a healthy body

The popular saying a healthy mind in a healthy body is well known to everyone, and it is that if you take proper care of your body, at the same time it will considerably improve the physical and mental state.

In addition, it will improve your mood and well-being, since physical exercise offers many benefits and is good for losing weight and reducing the risk of obesity.

Balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body

Leading a healthy lifestyle, that is, working on your own body in terms of nutrition and regular exercise, provides innumerable health benefits.

In addition, strengthening and stretching the body actually directly affects mood and well-being. A well-nourished body is more likely to engage in movement and exertion, triggering the release of endorphins that will make you smile and have a better mood.

However, the important thing is to work not only the body, because the human being is a combination of body, mind and soul.

This is where harmony and balance must occur so that general health is stabilized, since being in shape and eating properly not only improves physical and mental health, but also mood.

Advantages of sport in education and in the minds of children

The sports activities for children develop both the body and the mind of the little ones, and are an excellent way to put in practice the saying a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Besides, they are one of the possible ways to spend your free time. Younger children are generally more eager to participate in children's sports activities.

That's why preschoolers are often full of movement and energy, and don't associate exercise with need or fatigue.

Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of children's natural desire to exercise, instilling it in them for many years so that they never associate it with an unpleasant duty.

What are the benefits of sports activities in children?

The list of benefits of sports activities for children is long. First of all, physical activity often brings pleasure to the child.

On the other hand, movement has a beneficial effect on the development of your body, while adults train more often to lose weight and get the figure of their dreams.

Sports activities for children have another function, they develop the senses, especially balance and concentration.

The child's bones and muscles are also strengthened and the body is oxygenated, so it is important to organize both outdoor and indoor games as much as possible.

Doing sports perfectly stimulates the body and mind: relieves tension and stress accumulated after a hard day, helps to organize important issues or problems in your mind and keep them at a proper distance, improves body posture and strengthens the joints.

What do sports do to our body?

The benefits of playing sports are endless and we could spend a lot of time listing them. Being active is beneficial for both physical and mental health. By doing sports today you will be preventing many diseases in the future.

However, it is often difficult for many to get around for regular physical activity, but once you get into this habit, you will notice its benefits almost immediately

Some of them are: stress reduction, tension relief, and having a clear mind, so you will start to think more clearly and improve your concentration.

On the other hand, you'll stop being lethargic, your mood will improve, and you'll feel a surge of energy.

How to motivate yourself to do sports?

sports motivation is something that can be difficult to find, but when you do it, exercise will become part of your routine and the principles of a healthy lifestyle will change your daily habits forever.

But how to find the motivation to play sports? First of all, you must choose the type of activity that you dislike the least. If you don't like running, running will become an obligation; but if you prefer static exercises on the mat, practicing yoga, pilates and stretching will be your best alternative.

It is important to note that motivation in sport is divided into internal and external. Internal motivation is what pushes you to act for the sake of the action, the pleasure and satisfaction that you get from playing sports.

External motivation is the enthusiasm for exercise caused by external factors, such as being admired by others or obtaining rewards or financial benefits.

Internal and external motivation are the most common concepts in professional sports, but you can also find them in your life.

If you start participating in sports competitions, such as half marathons, your motivation may be the prizes that the competitors with the fastest time receive.

The external factor, money, pushes you to the next training sessions, preparing you for the next competition. Sport can become such an important part of you that, after a while, your only motivation to play it is your inner need.

Then you will feel the need to run, lift weights and swim, you will feel good and you will do it regularly, not only for an attractive figure, but for health and fun reasons.

Sport, something for everyone

To enjoy exercise, it is important to choose the right sports activities not only based on our physical abilities, but also on preferences and personality.

Therefore, for calm and precise people, yoga classes will be better, and for people who feel excess energy, aerobics, gym or jogging will be more pleasant.

Holidays: the ideal opportunity to promote sports in children

The holidays are a well-deserved and necessary break from school, but they are also the opportunity to recharge the internal batteries of the little ones with a view to facing the challenges that lie ahead.

The best solution is to promote physical activity. It is advisable to maintain regularity and consistency, which will also translate into health in the future.

By practicing sports, children and adolescents learn responsibility, management of their own and others' time, punctuality, regularity and perseverance. If they participate in team competitions, they learn to act in a group and trust their peers.

During dynamic activities and when planning training and other activities during the day, the mechanisms of strategic thinking, creativity and ingenuity are developed, which will bear fruit in later life


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