Best puzzles of all types

The puzzles are for all ages and best of all, they never go out of style. In fact, over time these will adapt and acquire new designs to attract attention.

Therefore, here we are going to bring you several options in terms of puzzles so that you do not stay without putting together yours.

Wooden puzzle

These wooden puzzles are a great option as they are very durable. Therefore, our recommendation is that you choose between the following;

Janod – Magnetic Puzzle of the World

This is the first option that we bring you and it is perfect for kids from 7 to 12 years old, and best of all, it can be assembled as a family. Basically, it is a perfect way to discover the fantastic world we live in without leaving home and, obviously, to train our brain, since we can learn about the world, countries and others.

Yeah Baby Wooden Puzzle

In this case it is a kind of tetris but physically, so we are going to find a wooden sorting board that has many different pieces and that fit into it. As a result, you get a perfect toy to develop coordination and many other cognitive skills.

ASA ToysGalt A 0866 Dinosaur Wooden Puzzle

The ASA Toys brand offers this 30-piece puzzle, perfect for children and that allows them to learn about dinosaurs. In this way, we ensure that the little ones return to it to entertain themselves, and build nonstop, since it turns out to be very entertaining.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Vehicle Puzzle

In this case we are talking about a perfect and quite complete puzzle, in fact it has four mini rewards of elevated pieces and rating tabs. Basically, it's a perfect game to keep yourself entertained for hours, while you get other extra skills.

Metal Puzzle

Other quite fun puzzles are the metal ones and best of all, they have different shapes, which can increase the difficulty a bit;

Surplex Metal Puzzle Set of 16

This is our first choice for metal puzzles and it's made of wire, amazing quality. In fact, it is extremely resistant to abrasion and has a good texture in the hand.

If you are concerned about safety, this puzzle comes with no sharp edges. The idea of ​​this game is to encourage creative thinking, train children's imagination, improve coordination, learn to recognize shapes and colors, etc.

TheTwiddlers 30PCS – 30 Different Designs

In this case we are talking about a game that has 30 metal puzzles, and of various types, so that it is attractive to both children and adults. The idea of ​​this game is to encourage logical thinking and practical abilities. It also seeks to improve imagination and spatial creativity, developing intelligence and brain power.

GIOCHI LOGIC Art. The Brussels Cage

This could not be considered a game for children, since its difficulty is quite high. Specifically, the objective is to detach the star from the cage and put it back as it was before. Although it may sound easy at first, the reality is that it is quite the opposite. But if you don't believe us, we invite you to try this challenge and find a way to complete it.

GIOCHI LOGIC Art.9 Rings of Beijing

Another puzzle with an unbelievably high difficulty, in fact it is comparable to the Rubik's Cube, where we have to use at least 511 moves to achieve the goal.What you have to do to win is separate the sword (long stick) from the nine rings. Although it may seem simple at first, the reality is that it is more complicated than it seems.

Puzzles for children

There is no age for this type of Puzzle, so we can find many options for children, such as the ones we are going to mention below;

Petit Collage – Puzzle For Beginners

In this case we are talking about a game that has four fun progressive puzzles, so we can find games with 3 pieces, 4 pieces, 5 pieces and 6 pieces. As a result, it becomes a perfect toy for children. In fact, we can find figures of jungle animals, along with their babies.

Melissa & Doug Solar System

This is an excellent puzzle that features 48 extra thick cardboard pieces of incredible quality, making it quite sturdy and durable. Without a doubt, it is an excellent product whose theme is the solar system.

In this way children will learn about the different planets that exist in our solar system, through real and very beautiful illustrations.

Disney Frozen My First Puzzle Book

For all Disney fans, here we bring you a Frozen puzzle and it comes in book format so that the little ones put together the images one by one. Specifically, we can find four puzzles, each very colorful and attractive so that children can increase their skills and abilities through drawings that capture their attention.

Puzzle games for Android

Leaving physical games aside and moving on to the digital world, we are going to show you the following puzzles for Android;


In this case we are talking about a three-dimensional style puzzle available for Android devices and developed by ArmorGames. As an objective, you have to face different objects or "locks" which you have to dismantle piece by piece. To achieve this, you will have to rotate the figure and help yourself with your perception to find the correct answer.


To finish, this is the last game that we are going to mention and each puzzle that is generated is done randomly.

As a result, the game becomes much more interesting, as there are an infinite number of levels. It should be added that this requires good analytical skills, and although some levels are easy, others are much more complicated.


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