Best Science Podcasts

If you are a person who values ​​science as the fundamental matter of the world, the most peculiar experiments or mysteries that nature hides, do not miss an interesting compilation with the Best science podcast to discover enigmas of humanity.

Astrobitácora: Astronomy with Álex Riveiro

Riveiro shows us the universe through his podcast, with very peculiar discoveries that lie in the sky, new news from each planet and much more. If you are a lover of the galaxy, do not miss this program because it is designed to clarify many doubts about Astronomy.

Science and Humor

Podcast that wants to spread science through humor, jokes, anecdotes, ephemeris, ... wants to make science fun so that it reaches more people and helps them go deeper.

The Bear Hug Podcast

It is a dynamic similar to the previous one, but with more open questions to broaden the knowledge of science.

For sure

The secrets of life are discovered with this podcast, as is the wonderful world of nuclear meltdowns. Antonio Rivera is the expert who will tell us about these enigmas every week through CV Radio.

Coffee Break: Signal and Noise

It is a gathering of various scientists who mention the most recent findings in the natural sciences. With a good coffee in hand, the members of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands are responsible for transmitting knowledge with very well-supported research.

Dark Matter

No one who has witnessed this podcast can say that José Manuel Nieves is inexperienced in the matter. He knows every secret of physics, the entire universe and life on earth. Do you want to learn with the help of him? Don't miss Dark Matter.

The science factory

Scientific diffusion is pure gold in these times, whose technology is crossing all borders. That is well known by Jorge Onsulve, Charlie Duke, Pedro Duque, Carlos González and Jorge Pla. They are a group of collaborators that offer the best scientific information of the moment.

The mechanics of the snail

It is the first science podcast presented by a woman: Eva Caballero. She shows us the news of science and technology, with the fabulous current news that fills us with hope about a world that is improving its ecosystem.

The compass of science

Juan Ramón Luchas is the moderator of this program, with the best in biology, mathematics, physics and natural sciences. For the purpose of disseminating scientific information, Luchas is the best in his field, by disclosing content with his singular simplicity.


In the last year he has increased the number of followers by expanding the topic of vaccines and viruses. In times of pandemic, the public is attentive to know what are the advances in terms of drugs, in their final phases, to face Covid-19.

Astronomy and something else

Have you heard the latest news about a black hole? How certain is the recovery in the ozone layer? What is the quantum origin of the universe? Each question will be addressed in this program with informal conversations to keep abreast of the latest information on this interesting topic.

Science is always changing, therefore, we appreciate these editions that touch on specific issues in this regard.

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