The best educational games for children of all ages

The educational games for children are an excellent way for the little ones to learn and that is why we can currently find several options. Obviously, these games are not only focused on teaching children, but also entertaining them.

Basically, you want to achieve teaching through fun. This is important, since children generally learn more while having fun, so educational games are perfect for this.

Educational games for 4-year-olds

Lego Duplo My First

The first option that we will bring you about didactic games are the well-known Legos, with which it is sought not only to foster creativity, through the construction of various structures. But apart from that, it seeks to teach colors and how to use them to classify.

In this case, we can make different types of animals, so it is an excellent idea to talk about animals to our children.

Play-Doh to learn colors and shapes

With this product it is possible to teach children colors and shapes so that they can understand it. The objective of this is that they can learn to explore and discover, comparing both colors and shapes, to give rise to various creations.

It should be added that this toy is designed for children aged 2-4, for this reason, it is an excellent option for them to learn from a very early age.

Geomag 601047

In this case it is a magnetic construction game that gives the boy or girl the freedom to build in an original way.

This game features magnetic rods and spheres that stick together firmly and to increase learning and fun the magnetic rods come in various colors. In this way, it is possible for the infant to give free rein to her imagination.

Didactic games 5 years

Numerical balance to learn weights and equivalences

This game consists of a scale where we can learn terms such as weight and equivalences, which will be very useful for learning mathematics. In fact, with this game the aim is for children to learn to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Remember that these are the basic equations, the faster they know it, the better it will be for their studies.

Multiplication and addition tables

Although we may think that it is the typical multiplication and addition table, it is not. In fact, this is a Design that has games to learn the basic operations. In this way, children will be able to develop their mathematical skills through repetition, drawing and logic. It is a very fun and colorful game to get the attention of children.

Tables to form words

Similar to the Scrabble game what is involved with this didactic game is that the child can form words and learn their meaning. Specifically, he can write up to 48 words on different topics, according to the drawings shown on the cards.

Didactic games 6 years old

Word Searches

An excellent way for children to learn while having fun is through word searches, in fact, this is an excellent start to introduce them to what reading would be like. Best of all, you don't need to buy anything to make your own word searchas, since you can even search for some online or make your own together with your child.

Anatomy Toys

At the age of 6, it is a good idea for children to learn a little about anatomy, that is, the parts of the human body and how it works.

For this reason, the anatomy games are recommended, since, for example, we can explain what happens to food when we consume it, how many bones the body has, what the names of the organs are, etc

Toys for experiments

An excellent way to encourage scientific curiosity is through experimental games and at the age of 6 it is a good idea to start with them. Obviously it's not about giving them very complicated experiments, but it will arouse scientific curiosity in them.

For example, you can work with how different colors are formed, how to make soap bubbles, and make many other things.

Educational games 8 years old

Hasbro – board games Trivial

It is very likely that we all know the trivia game, since it is a very popular board game that has been renewed over the years. In this case, we bring you an option that has a total of 2400 questions, which are divided into 1200 for children and 1200 for adults.

Regarding the topic of the questions, this is very varied, for example, we have; Geography, History, Art and Literature, Entertainment, Science and Nature, and Sports and Hobbies.

Asmodee Libellud 200706 Dixit

This game has become one of the favorites for parents, since it allows to increase the imagination of the infant. Basically, it's a creative deduction game, which is beautifully illustrated and allows you to create impressive stories.

As a result, it is a game where the participants have to let their imagination run wild by using their cards to trick their rivals and guess which card best suits the story being told.

In general terms, it is a fun game for children, which allows to encourage imagination and creativity. Because the more creative the stories are and the better they combine, the greater our chances of winning.

Magic tricks

Finally, we have the magic games, which is an excellent game for children aged 8 and up, especially since at this age they have a greater ability to concentrate.

The ideal is to watch some trick tutorials on YouTube, try to make them easy tricks with coins, cards, cups, paper balls, etc. In this way, when the child arouses his curiosity, we can go on to explain how to make them.


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