The best educational games to learn the parts of the house in English

Learning English can be difficult for little ones. That is why it is important to create educational games with which they can learn while having fun. But what didactic games to learn English can they use? Will they really be useful to you?

Next, we know the best educational games to learn the parts of the house in English easily and quickly. Take out a pen and paper to be able to write them down and start taking advantage of them.

Didactic games to learn the parts of the house in English

Thanks to these simple games your little one will want to continue learning, what's more, they won't want to stop playing!

The roulette of the rooms, a good option to learn English

Room Roulette is a classic game where your little one can practice the parts of the house. Its operation is very simple and you will need very few materials that you surely have at home.

First you'll need to draw and cut out a circle on cardstock. Then you must divide this circle into several parts using a marker and a ruler so that the spaces are equal. Once you have made the separations, paint each part a different color. To do this, it is best if the cardboard is white.

Once painted, place the name of a part of the house in each partition and place the spinner on another circle of cardboard, this time smaller. Join the two circles so that the spinner can spin and stop on one of the written parts.

After the spinner is done, your little one will be ready to play. You just have to spin the wheel and say the name of the objects that are in that room.

Is the place where…

Another fun educational game to learn the parts of the house in English is ‘Is the place where…’. It is very simple since the little one of the house will only have to build simple sentences about the activities that are carried out in each part of the home. A very clear example is to say in English, 'the kitchen is for cooking' or 'the room is for sleeping'.

It may seem like a difficult game, but it really is very simple and easy to play. Of course, to play this game the little one must have a minimum knowledge of English and of the rooms that we find in the house.

Don't know how to start playing? You can start with the phrase 'It's the place where we brush our teeth', that is, 'this is the room where we brush our teeth'. After this first introductory sentence, it will be easier to continue the game.

Where am I?

This is a very simple and fun family game as it is about finding out which part of the house is being described. To play with the little one in the house, you will have to tell him to think of a room in the house and describe what he sees without revealing the name.

With these simple educational games your little one will feel that he is learning at the same time that he is having fun. What more could you ask for?

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