We have always argued that the best way to promote science is to instill it in the form of games from a very early age. That a child who is in full stage of discovery and intellectual development, has access to activities that promote this type of knowledge, is key for them to be interested in them as adults.

And this is not an irrelevant question. It is estimated that in the year 2030 in our country we will need around 100,000 new scientists and researchers. We know that in a few years there will be professions based on branches of science such as quantum physics, which today do not even exist, and getting our children to be attracted to these topics should concern us.

A world without curiosity, and without scientific concern, is doomed to disappear.


But at this point, many parents are faced with the dilemma of how to achieve this. I still remember when I was a child, that excellent popular science programs are broadcast on television, and that many cartoon series dealt with topics such as biology, history, or inventors (the works of Once upon a time were fantastic...)

On the contrary, today it seems that science is hidden from young people and that it becomes a matter for a few, and that is precisely what we must avoid.

And the best way to do this is through games.

We have made what in our opinion is the top science-based game that will amuse the children of the house, and that will also leave them with the scientific bug.


1. Science4You-My First Science Kit Science Toy for Kids

This game is a classic of scientific "multigames", but unlike the well-known Quimicefa, it is very well oriented for boys and girls from 4 years old. This makes it easier for us to start the game from an early age. It has dozens of experiments to carry out, and all of them have their corresponding explanation, so that later we can teach it to the little ones. A game that will give you hours of scientific family entertainment. It also has very good ratings on the net, so one more point in favor.

2. Sipobuy Microscope for children, 100x 200x 450x

Looking through the optics and discovering a microscopic world makes our children excited and want to discover what is hidden behind the everyday. You will see how they try to put all kinds of things under the light of the microscope in order to know what it looks like when you magnify it. This microscope is specially designed as an entry and initiation model. It is very simple to use and does not have too many frills that mislead children from what really matters, observation. Highly recommended and at a really reasonable price.

3. Buki - TS007B - Astronomy - Telescope 30 activities

A simple, very economical microscope kit aimed at the little ones in the house. It also includes a booklet with activities and instructions to find stars, planets and constellations. Maybe it doesn't have the best lenses or it doesn't have much magnification, but let's not fool ourselves, for the price it has, you can't ask too much of it either. I assure you that the family will have a great time looking at the stars.

4.OFUN Robot Stem Toy for Kids, 12 in 1 Robots Kit

This robotics game in KIT format offers us 12 different constructions in the same box. We will discover as a family the basic principles of robotics, programming movement patterns, or how to assemble parts. They propose several scenarios for us to solve, and thus introduce us to the wonderful world of robotics. The little ones love it because they see how they build a machine that magically comes to life before their eyes, and they can also control the results of what they do. An interesting option if you want them to start messing around.

5. Teenii STEM Physics Lab Basic Learning Kit

This Kit is really interesting, and furthermore, it is one of the few of this type that exist, and that is because there are not many games that teach principles of physics and thermodynamics, and this one also does it very well, in a clear way. and simple, and above all, very visual. Energy conservation, transfer, movement...etc... All in an easy assembly kit and with an activity booklet explained step by step. Trust us, they'll have a blast.


The best way to introduce boys and girls to the world of science is through games, and as you have seen, there are many interesting options for almost any branch of science. Obviously, we have left a few options in the inkwell, but surely if you search you will find the one that best suits your tastes or that you think may fit better in your family.

Enjoy science as a family, because in the end, they will thank you. SAFE


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