Puzzle games as an alternative for all ages

The story of this particular educational game, also known as "Dissected Maps", is as incredible as it is fun. It arose in 1766 from the hand of the British cartographer John Spilsbury, who used it for educational purposes, specifically to teach geography classes.

The pieces of puzzles are so entertaining that they will never go out of style, and represent an educational game by nature within the reach of the whole family.

Benefits provided by these educational games

Currently, assembling puzzles has become one of the most demanded entertainment. Not only by children and young people, but also among adults. Those who see in it a way to reduce daily stress, also considering that it lends itself to spending long periods of time with the family.

This fun game hides a world of infinite learning, both for children and adults. It has become a tireless hobby during these months of social distancing due to the pandemic.

The puzzles translate into a educational game, because apart from getting us out of boredom, they allow us to develop fine motor skills, reasoning and analysis capacity. Likewise, they contribute to the perception, analysis, serenity, concentration, and to reduce the time of children in front of television, telephone, computer or tablet.

It has been determined that the puzzle or puzzle, has great psychological and cognitive advantages. Well, it allows you to disconnect from reality, and immerse yourself in an emotional plane with yourself, where concentration, creativity, balance, and the planning of a strategy that helps you achieve the goal abound, which translates into a personal challenge. , whose term produces contentment.

Getting distracted with this educational game, stimulates a thousand relaxation, because, the level of concentration that is reached is such, that you will not have time to turn to the sides and, at the same time, it encourages the attachment to family and teamwork, since although you can play it alone, you can also do it with them.

Without a doubt, one of the contributions of this puzzle game is that it raises the self-esteem of children and adults by a thousand, keeping them motivated all the time. This helps to keep the stress level at bay.

Another benefit of this educational game has been shown to be optimal for the mental well-being of the elderly. Since it acts against the appearance of degenerative memory diseases, such as Alzheimer's.

How to play with the puzzles?

It is suggested, when enjoying this pleasant game, especially in the case of children, to start with a simple puzzle. With few pieces and colorful images that catch your attention, such as animals or your favorite super heroes.

Once the child has become familiar with the pieces, it is best for them to figure it out on their own. Motivating him to start putting it together at the corners and edges, teaching him that one side of the pieces is smoother than the other.

Starting to organize the pieces by color, and making little piles for him to put them into place little by little, is a good way to start. And so you will be reinforcing the child's self-esteem, also making this didactic game become one of his favorites.

Which puzzle to buy?

You can't imagine the number of fun puzzle games that currently exist. To strengthen fine motor skills, attention and visual analysis, also contributing to the learning of different subjects, such as mathematics, arts, geography, anatomy, among others.

The wide range of puzzles varies in size, shape, material and drawings, there are geometric figures, wood, cardboard, rubber, magnetic, mechanical, plastic, three-dimensional, mosaic and 3D, all designed to strengthen the child's cognitive ability, intelligence and imagination

The most wanted puzzles

Among the most common puzzles are the instructive Rubik's cube, characterized by being mechanical, encourages mental exercise and helps in concentration. The three-dimensional soma cube strengthens creativity and attention. And the pentomino or pentamino, which helps to exercise logical-mathematical reasoning, improves psychomotricity and awakens creativity.

The sokoban and the tangram are also among the puzzles that encourage knowledge. The first is the mechanical puzzle most used as a video game, it strengthens the ingenuity and the analytical level. While the second, of Chinese origin, stimulates creativity and fortifies mental agility.

There is another category of puzzles, aligned to traditional puzzles, the so-called 3D puzzles. Whose repertoire varies from sculptures, wood, those that resemble a pyramid, spheres and plastic with led lights.

This variety of fabulous puzzles, are ideal for children between 6 and 8 years old, adults. Some of few pieces like the Cubic Fun, for the smallest of the house.

The best versions of these puzzles, are those sold by the German company Ravensburger. Due to the variety and solidity of the fitting system of the pieces.

Another way to exercise the mind is through ingenuity puzzles, which strengthen concentration and coordination. Among the most sought after are hanayama puzzles, wire puzzles, magnets, towers of Hanoi, solitaire, 3D puzzles and Rubik's cube. These games could mean a different gift.

The catalog of the most popular puzzles among adults are: Clementoni Kittens, Amsterdam Puzzle, Educa Borrás, Clementoni 39458 Puzzle, Venice Grand Canal, Clementoni, Clementoni, Lunch in New York, World Map Puzzle , Educa Borrás, Educa Borrás, Eiffel Tower at The Seine, King, Kirkjufellsfoss Waterfall, Iceland, Barcelona Puzzle, King and Educa Borrás whose number of pieces ranges between 1000 and 1800.

The best piece puzzles for mobile devices are: Jigsaw Puzzles, Free City Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzle Crown, Puzzle Kids, Jigsaw Puzzles of the Day, HD Puzzles Collection, World Puzzles, Capital Puzzles of the world, Children's Puzzles and Jigsaw Puzzle XXL.

Where can they be purchased?

This fantastic educational game can be purchased at specialized stores such as Gotilandia, Ideas para educar, the House of Puzzles, Montecassino and Imaginarium. You will also get them in the virtual portal of Amazon, Linio, Mercado Libre, Ebay and Walmart.


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