Math puzzles, some great examples

Do you know what an enigma is? it is a mystery since it is something that you cannot explain and the data is confusing. You don't know what it is, until you manage to discover the keys that lead to the result, that's what math puzzles are like.

It's like playing detective, where there are a series of suspects who have committed a misdeed. And you have to gather all the information and clues about what happened. And having it all, we logically look for who is to blame for what happened.

The same thing happens with riddles, they give us the information and we, who are the detectives, must find the answer. Some are quite easy and others complex, but most of them have an unexpected result, humor and wrong answers are the protagonists.

These types of games will also open your mind rationally and give you the opportunity to think of multiple answers. Today we will tell you a little more about these riddles and we will give you some examples so that you can put them into practice with your family and friends.

What are math puzzles?

The mathematical riddles, are those types of questions that ask us to get the answer to a mathematical problem in a fast but very fun way. These should be based on logical principles, although the answers are usually funny, which will add a touch of humor to the situation.

Usually these riddles are loaded with situations that at first glance seem irrational and impossible to happen. Therefore, the participants are asked to use their heads to explain the situation presented. Some contain a lot of details that can distract you, while others will have no more than a few facts.

Playing the riddles with your family or friends is a lot of fun because you can have a good time laughing at the wrong answers. Many times the answers are hidden behind tricks that are in plain sight but that we do not see as possible since it seems so obvious.

Some math puzzles that you will love

  1. This was an even number, but one day it turned upside down and became an odd number.

The solution: It is the number 6, since if we turn it over it will become the number 9 which is odd.

  1. I have more than three sides and less than five. I have all my equal sides. Who am I?

The solution: It is the square.

  1. In a dessert business, it is known that 2 people can prepare a delicious cake in 3 days. How long could it take six people?

The solution: They will do it in a day.

  1. Place 10 sugar cubes in 3 empty cups so that each cup contains an odd number of sugar cubes.

The solution: 1 cube is placed in the first cup, 4 in the second cup and 5 in the third. The first cup is then placed on top of the second cup.

  1. Attention! if we have the number forty and you divide it by one half, then you add five to it. What result will you have?

The solution: it's 85, because dividing a number by a half is like multiplying it by two.

  1. Manuel and Antonio are preparing a water bomb war. At one point, Manuel complains and says: this war is not fair, you have 3 times more bombs than me.Antonio gave Miguel 10 bombs, and Miguel told him: it's still an unjust war, you still have twice as many bombs as I do

How many bombs should Antonio deliver to Manuel before he stops complaining?

The solution: You need to give him 20 more bombs so they will have 60 each. Manuel started with 30 and Antonio with 90.

  1. Two parents sat down with their two children to have eggs for breakfast. Each of them ate an egg, in total they ate three eggs. How did they do it?

The solution: The truth is that there were 3 people; a grandfather, a father and a son. There are two parents because we have the father of the son, and the father of the father, who is the grandfather. At the same time, there are two children who are the son of the grandfather and the son of the father.

  1. A father and his 2 children want to cross a river on a raft, but the raft only supports 80kg. He weighs 80kg and each of his children weighs 40kg. How will they pass? having to carry the raft back again to get them all through?

The solution: First his 2 sons, then 1 son takes the raft to his father. The father crosses the river and gets out. The boy goes to look for his brother and the two go together to where his father is.

  1. Valentin gets up in the morning and discovers that the light in the room does not work. He opens the glove drawer, in which there are ten black and ten dark blue gloves. How many must he grab to make sure he gets a pair of the same color?

The solution: If we take the worst case, in which Valentin takes the ten right or left gloves of both colors, which would make it impossible for him to get a pair. One more would be enough to complete the pair.

  1. If I have one loaf, one loaf and one loaf, one loaf and one and a half loaves, four half loaves and three and a half loaves, how many loaves do I have?

The solution: We have 11 loaves in total.

  1. There is a number that contains neither the letter O nor the letter E. Tell me what it is?

The solution: The number thousand.

Did you know any?

These are just a few examples of math puzzles ranging from the easiest to the most complex. Although they are still easy to solve if you take the time to analyze them as if you were a detective who is going to solve a case.

The most important thing is always to be attentive with the question they ask, because there we have the keys to discover the correct solution.

So you can start practicing so that every day you have more agility to solve those enigmas. You will have a great time if you do it in the company of your friends and family. Enjoy playing it to the fullest!


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