Top 6 Non-Humanoid Social Robots

Without a doubt, the 21st century has been full of technology and innovation. From beginner robot kits to more advanced technology and robotics. The industry does not stop growing and developing and today we are going to see one of the sections that we like the most: non-humanoid social robots that have characteristics and functionalities that we cannot ignore. Let's see them right away!

1. Buddy

If you are looking for a friend, then Buddy is the best alternative. This robot, developed by Blue Frog Robotics, has been created to be a good companion. Ideal to accompany the elderly or children. Interact with humans and entertain children, as well as keep your home safe and secure while you're away.

2. Zenbo

Zenbo is a robot that was created by Aus and whose main function is medical assistance at home. Although it is very focused on medical functions, it can also perform all the functions that Buddy does, so it is a robot companion, friend and assistant. Everything you need at home, these robots can offer it. From taking care of the children and entertaining them to taking care of the elderly and giving them a conversation or taking care of the home while you are away.

3. Stop

Paro is a cuddly robot that you can pet, it will respond to touch and it will also hug and seek eye contact. It is a robot designed to therapeutically help patients in hospitals and also the elderly in residences.

It helps calm anxiety and works very well in therapy with patients suffering from dementia.

4. Aibo

Aibo is a puppy who does his puppy function. It has been developed by Sony and is very dynamic with enhanced facial expressions that fully mimic the behavior of the dog.

It is ideal for those who would like to have a puppy, but are allergic or also as a companion for other pets.

5. Gita

Gita is the assistant robot that accompanies you and carries your things. Like a self-contained suitcase or shopping cart, Gita carries the weight for you and follows you almost anywhere. In addition, it is also capable of autonomous movement in a guided environment. You imagine? This is undoubtedly one of the robots that we cannot lose sight of because it has great potential.

6. I look

Miro is one of the first robots in the world that can act like a pet rather than a robot. Lovely.


As we have been able to verify in this article, non-humanoid social robotics has the capacity to do a great job within animal-assisted therapies with characteristics that make it a perfect alternative since we eliminate the risks that the presence of animals in hospitals. We'll keep track of these adorable robots and keep you updated.

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