Play as a family: why play with children

Playing as a family is essential for children's well-being. But do not think that the benefits of sharing family time are only for the little ones. It is also good for us adults to let out the child we carry inside. Playing and learning as a family is one of the best gifts we can offer our children.

The importance of playing as a family and its benefits

From early childhood, children develop their abilities through play. Do not underestimate the ability of human beings to learn while having fun. Playing as a family brings a series of benefits, of which we highlight these:

Promotes secure attachment

Babies need to know we're there, and not just to get rid of radioactive diapers. Sharing games and pampering with the little ones helps us develop a secure attachment that will bring great benefits for their development. Babies who play with their attachment figures tend to better develop their psychomotor and emotional abilities.

It serves to explain the world

Playing games is a great way to explain difficult concepts or even inspire us to solve problems. Through the game we can approach science and culture in a fun way. In addition, it helps us delve into complex and abstract notions, for example with games like chess.

Creates a climate of complicity

If we get used to enjoying time together and teach children the importance of sharing as a family, we are investing in something as precious as the relationship of trust between the members of the family unit. Thanks to the game we establish a climate of complicity that will not only help us to have a fun time. When children have a problem, concern or difficulty they will know that they can count on us . It also helps them develop teamwork skills and a sense of belonging.

It's fun

Playing makes us laugh. It is liberating and connects us with our most crazy and creative side. It removes tensions and gets us out of the routine.

Ideas and tips for playing and learning as a family


The puzzles are a challenge that when we manage to finish it leaves us with a feeling of triumph. They help train concentration, capacity spatial and memory. They are perfect for doing between several and also allow you to do the time other pleasurable activities such as talking and listening to music.


Learning science concepts through home experiments is so much easier and more fun than sticking to textbooks. Depending on the age, we can try anything from building a volcano to creating our own robot together.

Collaborative games

It is better to choose games that encourage teamwork and not so much those that are very competitive, especially if we play with very young children. There are many board games, construction games, and creative games perfect for playing and learning as a family.

We all know the importance of the family for children and the enthusiasm they show when we throw ourselves on the floor with them to make croquettes or share a game of their favorite game. Playing as a family helps strengthen our bonds of union and enhances creativity, good humor and learning.

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