Educational children's games

It is more than evident that children prefer games over educational classes, hence the importance of being able to combine these two elements into one, to make education something quite attractive and fun for the little ones.

The pedagogical and educational branches have studied quite well the benefits of playful activities in children's learning. However, when we talk about games, we don't mean playing anything and everything.

Educational games must be designed with a strategy, development and a specific purpose, always oriented towards learning.

On the other hand, it should be noted that even if some type of learning is sought, the knowledge obtained should not be the center of the activity, but rather one more consequence of the process.

Educational games for elementary school children

In this way, all those playful and recreational activities aimed at children who are in the primary education stage, or as it is known in some countries, basic education, elementary education, primary education or basic education.

Although this educational level may vary in different regions of the planet, it focuses on the stage of the child, in which a literacy process is necessary. This means that the educational games for this group of children,, must be oriented to the development of reading, writing, basic mathematics and some simple aspects of general culture.

This stage of educational level usually begins from 5 or 6 years old, until 12. Although educational games abound more in the early stages, that is, 5, 6 and 7 years old.

The games that are recommended for these ages range fromboard activities, construction games, experiments, outdoor games, and even games that encourage physical activity and sports.

Educational games for 5 year olds

Let us remember that at this age, the child is still in a transition between preschool education, where play prevails, to a primary stage, where progress is made in the content of the different subjects or educational areas.

However, at this age it is still important for the child to play educational games, especially those related to construction, activities with different shapes and pieces where the child can continue developing creativity, motor skills and wit.

Educational games for 6 year olds

At this age the same activities will continue, only we will play with the proportions. This means that we will begin to integrate mostly educational games aimed at learning mathematics and language, without neglecting those that promote thinking, reasoning and social interaction.

Educational games for 7 year olds

At this point, the games should be a bit more advanced than what we were making at 5 years old. The use of games with scientific, mathematical and language content is recommended. Likewise, it is still important to develop more advanced topics of general culture.

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