Didactic games for children

A child's basic needs are to eat, sleep, play and learn. However,the learning method of the little ones is quite different from that of us adults, hence the importance of learning to combine the need for learning with that of play. It is for this reason that educational games for children exist.

And this type of game is nothing more than a learning tool, where the method is fun and entertainment. Achieving with this, that the child learns specific topics and develops mental, cognitive, social and psychological skills.

Educational games for 5-year-olds

At this age the child is still in the intermediate process between preschool and primary education, so we should choose educational games that are not overloaded with academic information and that focus more on the developing their skills.

The ideal games for this age are those in which you have to use ingenuity and logic to build, assemble, and fit pieces together, in addition to promoting activities that require use of creativity.

A great alternative is to create a book with drawings without colors, so that they can have fun coloring. Similarly, we can incentivize the development of activities with recycling materials, with which shapes can be created.

Educational games for 6-year-olds

As children grow, there are more activities that we can integrate and increase the information contained in them much more.

For a 6-year-old, it is vital to start teaching them through play, a little math, new words, or even start using some phrases in English or another language.

Neither should we forget the development of creativity and ingenuity. That is why the most recommended are activities in which they make simple things. We can even integrate them in the process of preparing easy recipes.

We can also create small plays, in which they have to invent a story, be part of the process of assembling the scenery and creating the costumes for each character.

Educational games for 7-year-olds

If we decide to make objects, crafts or games with Legos, bricks or other pieces to build, we must take into account that they should no longer be the same ones we used when the child was 5 years old, they should progress in in terms of difficulty.

Also,it is a good age to start and integrate more board games with trivia, in which academic topics are touched.

It is a good stage to introduce them to chess and its basic concepts.

Educational games for 8-year-olds

At this much more advanced stage of childhood, we must ensure that in almost all games there is information about the subjects that children study in their schools, science, history, mathematics, social, among others.

We can even try small engineering or robotics kits for children.

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