Summer games to play with children

The normal thing for parents this time of year is to go crazy looking for summer games for kids. This is a particularly complicated time, due to high temperatures and school holidays, which make our little ones fall into worrying boredom.

We want to show you fun alternatives with which to surprise your children and, incidentally, if we manage to get them away from the dreaded screens, all the better.

The 5 best games to play in summer with children

At home

Board games

Unless you're an extremely permissive parent (who doesn't mind turning their living room into Niagara Falls with guns and water balloons), the games your kids will be able to playing at home during the summer will be very similar to those in winter. The board games are a great option to spend hours of family entertainment inside the house at any time of the year.

This is war!

Among the summer games at home, we suggest you also take advantage of this time to organize a battle with your children using bullet guns foam, a much cleaner but just as fun alternative to water guns. Tip: Make up a game for the kids to pick up the bullets on the ground at the end of the game if you don't want to end up with lower back pain for the rest of the summer.

In parks and gardens

The classics

If we go outdoors, we will find many and varied options of summer games. If we go to a park or garden, we can resort to classic games that never go out of style such as handkerchief, sack races, rope, hopscotch, three-legged races... Remember, remember what you played at that time. age and you will see how your children find it just as fun.

Something more special

You can also take advantage of parks and gardens to allow them to do things that are prohibited at home, such as making giant bubbles with a pompero sword. Bubbles have something that kids love, and summer is the perfect time for them to experiment with them.

On the beach

Thinking under the umbrella

If you are going to spend a day at the beach, we recommend that you look for activities for children aged 3 to 6 calmer. They will run through the sand and water by themselves, so make sure they have quiet moments under the umbrella to rest from the sun. card games and board games that don't have too many pieces that can be lost or half buried are very useful for this. For this, games like a three in a row, the who's who or the games of skill.

As you can see, the alternatives of summer activities for children are very varied. Make sure the summer games are right for the setting you're in and let the kids play and experiment. In this way, they will enjoy the summer at full power and face the new course with their batteries charged and full of indelible memories.

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