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The math games are the best way to encourage children to learn and improve their essential addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills, while they have fun with their family or play with other students in the classroom. The best games are unique, simple and have multiple variations, something that allows to do over and over without getting bored.

Best math game picks for kids

This list of games for kids includes card, board and dice games that are fun and will sharpen kids' math skills and also of adults


It is one of the most used in the world and involves players of different ages with different skill levels, whatever pAllows you to have fun together. It is one of those amusements that children continue to play, even when they are adults .

Combining Rummy elements, Mahjong tiles, Dominoes and games of Achess, the rules dand this board game are surprisingly simple and its objective is move all tiles, placing those listed in races or groups.

Although it is fast, players can adapt it to the smallest of the family and beginners, without compromising the fun of it.

7 ATE 9

Fast and fun, this game is addictive, exciting and fast-paced, using cards to teach addition and subtraction. This resource of didactic entertainment, inclined towards the mathematics ends quickly, it is simple and easy to learn, so if you are looking for board games of fun math for kids that take less than five minutes, 7 ATE 9 is one of the best options.

The objective is to be the first competitor in running out of cards. The participants add or subtract 1, 2 or 3 to the number of the top card, representing a race to discover which child has the correct card and empty your hands first.

It is recommended for infants ages 8 and up and designed for 2-4 players. It's interactive and wonderful for helping your child practice and polish simple math skills without all the prodding and hassle.

Sum swamp

Players travel through Sum Swamp in a fun and endless loop of addition and subtraction. Is elaborated so that from two to four participants can join this adventure.With two numbered dice and a third die with the symbols "+" and "-", the small move their crocodile, dragonfly, frog or snail pieces, across the board

The objective is to escape from the swamp and that the infants can move their pieces sorlo by solving the mathematical operations of addition or subtraction. Players can reach their destination , via the shortcut or the endless loop.

The boy can use any tool to solve its math problem and will work on addition and subtraction without even realizing it, it's suitable for 4-7 year olds, but it's fun enough that parents don't mind playing it over and over again. again.

Math Dice

Math Dice stands out among math games for kids for its simplicity, using only five dice. Players use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and powers to create operations that get you closer to a target number. Cabe in the included cloth bag, making it a perfect travel game.

Designed by sixth grader Sam Ritchie, during on workshop Mmathematics Design A Game, Mental Math is a fun math game for kids and an exciting way to learn this subject in grades five through seven.

Initially known as Dice Mania, the math facts game is played in elementary classrooms in the US, because it's cheap, easy to learn, quite addictive , challenging and fun, if you have the imagination to adjust the rules.


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