Power Play: The Story Behind a Chess Kingdom

In those free times, where we are at home with nothing to do, we have to look for varied and entertaining hobbies. But not only hobbies that are fun, but that do everything possible to train our mental abilities.

ThePuzzles or puzzles are an excellent option to meet that goal, but there are more options than the classic two-dimensional ones. Among the great variety of puzzles, there are also some that are the newest in the family of Puzzles, the 3D puzzles.

Characteristics of 3D Puzzles

3D puzzles are popular among children as entertainment or as an educational medium, also among adults as a hobby. The love of this hobby sometimes reaches so much that in some cases the practice of collecting is cultivated.

The 2D Puzzles are made up of flat pieces that create images, while the 3D puzzles are made up of several pieces. These pieces can be made of cardboard, polyethylene foam, wood, printed or unprinted paper, among countless other materials. The pieces generate a stable shape, the assembled design forms a single layer, the final shape being a three-dimensional shape.

Like all two-dimensional puzzles, in 3D puzzles, a certain order must be followed for their assembly. Therefore, if the recommended order is not followed, some parts may not fit or will not fit until others are fitted.

In the case of spherical 3D puzzles, the body is made of metal and the pieces can be magnetic. Thus the magnetic force fulfills its function of keeping all the pieces in place.

The story of an innovation in the world of entertainment

The 3D puzzles are relatively new in the diverse world of toys or educational or entertainment items. 3D Puzzles were invented by Paul Gallant and were first manufactured under the Wrebbit company in 1991.

This company is Canadian and is based in Quebec which, thanks to its proximity to the United States, began to generate great fame. In the 1990s, puzzles achieved surprising fame that led to rapid growth for the company.

By the beginning of the new millennium the name of the new brand, the Puzz-3D became so famous, that it became synonymous with 3D puzzles in the Anglo-Saxon culture. For the year 2005, the famous Hasbro brand bought Wrebbit. Hasbro moved the Wrebbit puzzle factory to its facility in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, in the United States in 2006.

The last series made under Hasbro was Towers Made to Scale. The series consisted of 13 skyscrapers from around the world. All structures were made at 1:585 scale, and all towers glowed in the dark.

By 2006, all Puzz 3D puzzles had been discontinued, but in 2011, the Puzz 3D line was revitalized by Winning Solutions, Inc. Winning Solutions first released the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, and launched an Anif Palace model in 2012.

As of 2014, Hasbro has put some of the old Puzz 3D line (made in China) back into production in the same boxes. A separate company, Wrebbit3D, which makes new products alongside some of the old line, has been created by some of the Wrebbit staff.

One of the last series of puzzles Hasbro released was called "Towers Made to Scale". 13 skyscrapers from around the world were included, such as the Petronas Towers, the Sears Tower, and the Empire State Building. All shapes were at a scale of 1:585, plus they were seen with night lighting.

By the end of 2006, themanufacturing of the Puzz 3D brand was completed, it was not until 2011 that it returned. The company in charge was Winning Solutions Inc, which once again renewed its manufacture , bringing new models to market. Among the novelties are the models of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State and the Anif Palace in 2012.

For 2014, Hasbro remanufactured some of the old Puzz 3D brand models produced in China. On the other hand, the new company Wrebbit3D was created. The independent company was founded by former Wrebbit workers, and manufactures a few new models in conjunction with old models.

Types of puzzles

The variety of 3D Puzzles on the market is immense and the themes that the figures deal with are huge as well. Generally, the most common models are places, such as the CN Tower, Big Ben, White House, and Neuschwanstein Castle.

The Puzz 3D brand has also launched science fiction figures, such as the Castle from the legend of King Arthur. Other figures, which is very famous, or the Millennium Falcon spaceship from the movie Star Wars.

Variety is the queen of the market, Puzz 3D also launched buildings like a Victorian mansion. In addition, a puzzle based on Monopoly was also released, in which the puzzle is put together and then played.

The fashion for Puzzles is so great that it has even reached the world of classic cars, as in the case of the 1956 Ford Thunderbird. Other means of transport are also included, such as the Orient Express or the media ship Titanic.

Another very famous variation is the spherical Puzzles. These striking and very famous Puzzles represent spherical objects, such as the globes, various planets, the Moon and the Earth. In this variant there are some puzzles that are used as a spherical pendant or children's jewelry.

Within all the types, the mechanical styles, which are made up of a series of parts, are striking. The notoriety is that they are combined to create several 3D figures, in many cases they are interconnected with each other.


In stores like Amazon, the most famous brands found are some like Wrebbit 3D, Cubic Fun and one of the most prominent, Ravensburger. Let's see one by one to understand what each one can provide.

Wrebbit or Hasbro

It was the pioneer brand, in its history it has offered structures represented in historical monuments. These include Neuschwanstein Castle, Big Ben, the White House or the CN Tower, among others.

Similarly, he sold science fiction figures, such as ships from Star Wars or structures from the legends of Camelot. Added to this are some curious shapes such as the 435-Piece NASA Space Shuttle or the Taj Mahal.

The puzzles released also include one from New York, in the area around the Empire State Building and World Trade Center. This Puzzle is the largest Hasbro has ever made, with a total of 3,141 pieces. It should be noted that New York is represented before the events of September 11, presenting the Twin Towers.

There are 3D Puzzle games for computers, where users build the puzzle in a digital version of an existing one. In fact, one of the games is set in a setting from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie.

Also, scenarios such as those from Harry Potter and The Burrow, which is the Weasley Family Home, are offered. Another case is The Hogwarts Expresso or The Hogwarts Astronomy Tower, each with 460 Pieces.


On the other hand, there are lesser-known brands, but they offer good quality, such as the ROKR brand. The brand offers high-quality wooden 3D puzzles and one of the most surprising is an old movie projector. This one has a retro style, surprisingly the figure comes with a mini project included.

The Puzzle is made of high quality plywood and the pieces are laser cut for greater precision. It is built completely manually without tools or the use of glue, Ideal for adults interested in mechanics and engineering.


It started in the puzzle business in 2004. Its strength in the market is puzzle models in which the pieces are assembled to form a sphere.

For 2009, they give a new innovation adding the pyramidal puzzles, being both 3D puzzles registered patents by the company. For 2010 the framework launched new models of spherical puzzles for young children that are very easy to assemble.

Ravensburger resumed in 2011 the production of 3D puzzles where world-famous buildings are represented, in some cases night versions. Among the highlights are the Eiffel Tower, Tower Bridge, Tower of Pisa Night Edition, Individual and Big Ben. There are also the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Colosseum, the Planetary Solar System Puzzle and Sneakers Style with more than 100 pieces.


It has a worldwide presence in more than 80 countries, under the name of Cubicfun Toy Industrial Co. From the first decade of 2000, it has established itself as one of the strongest 3D puzzle manufacturers. Its headquarters are in China and they stand out for their 3D puzzles with LED lighting, sailboats and dolls, among others.

3D puzzles with new technologies

Not only are physical 3D puzzles famous, but also their digital counterparts, enjoying good popularity. One of the great advantages of these digital versions is that there is no risk of losing any piece.

Usually 3D puzzles for PC not only include the main challenge of the puzzle, but it is always accompanied by mini games. Typically appearing when a stage is completed or puzzles are solved, the technical abilities offer endless possibilities. As in the case of the game “The Lamplight Manor” with a fully three-dimensional walkthrough when finished.

The 3D Puzzle video games are compatible with operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, and are also available for mobile phones. Among the most outstanding games that can be found for computers is “Puzz 3D: Victorian Mansion”. Others include “Puzz 3D: The Orient Express,” “Puzz 3D: Notre Dame Cathedral,” and “Puzz 3D: Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle.”

The virtual 3D puzzles are very practical, you just put them together by dragging the pieces and clicking, very easy for anyone. That is where the appeal of these digital versions lies, which, unlike other video games, are very simple.

Companies understand that it is necessary to adapt to new trends and it is necessary to want to reach new generations digitally. The 3D puzzle has entered the new digital culture, logos such as Wikipedia is an example of the presence of this beloved pastime in the new digital approaches.

Tetrix Ball: 3D and 2D Puzzle

Another new trend that has had a lot of popularity is the Tetrix Ball, which uses the famous Tetris game as inspiration for its game mechanics.The main innovation is that it handles a new dimension of the game that, originally, is called 25D puzzle. What this system does is combine the versatility of 3D but remains 2D at the time of construction.

It is a 2D puzzle, but, instead of a flat being, it has a round spherical base where the aim is to completely cover the area. In addition, so that the pieces do not fall, each one has a magnet, since the main body is made of metal that attracts the pieces. They can be obtained in different very varied colors, some with up to more than eight colors and others with only two.

The eight color version is visually very attractive. Practicality is part of the ingenuity as the dial opens to store the pieces inside. The difficulty of the Puzzle can be a bit high for children and can be done in 20 minutes or more days, weeks or months.

The best of all is that you don't need batteries to play or anything like that, you just start and the fun begins The Tetrix Ball is a very original and very pleasant option for everyone.

Where to buy them and who is it for?

There are many 3D Puzzle options when buying, some are inspired by television series or television movies. Also, there are the typical historical places, such as buildings or monuments. 3D Puzzles are usually bought in bookstores or similar stores, but lately the offer on websites is high.

The variety of Puzzle options on the market gives the possibility that there are options for all ages. This pastime is intended for both the little ones at home, as well as even the most adult, and they are usually very cheap.

This type of game is recommended because it increases cognitive abilities at any age. In the case of children, it is perfect for generating analysis and memory skills and developing skills and intelligence


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