Quick Calculation Game “Node”

For many people, the quick calculation of mathematical accounts is essential in their daily homework. It is necessary in our day to day life since we need to perform mathematical calculations quickly.

Currently, there are various mathematical calculation games represented in applications. Next, we will talk about a very fun App that helps you perform quick calculations and at the same time trains your mind, it is called quick calculation node.

Basic information and game data

Our day to day sometimes requires quick calculations to get an account. Even when we do not have a calculator at hand, we are forced to carry out operations or calculations with our minds. And this is not always an easy task for many. That is why we bring you a very fun game where you are entertained and at the same time you learn.

This application helps you in a very fun way to perform mathematical calculations, and at the same time educates you to do it continuously.

You can perform all kinds of mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, division, fractions and more. Allowing you, in this way, to practice the speed of calculation, which many people find difficult.

This application was published on April 25, 2020, it is recent and very effective. It is also available in the Play Store, you can search for it as Quick calculation.

The version of this game is Android 2.0, which makes it easy to download on devices that do not have such an updated Android version. Its last update was June 16, 2020, it has more than 100 downloads.

It's a lot of fun because you can collect points and you can also choose the difficulty level you want such as easy, medium and hard. There is no way to get bored as it provides you with a large number of very varied mathematical operations. You just have to download this app, and start playing. So you can see the fun side of mathematical operations.

Why should you download this Application?

This app helps you practice quick thinking to do math quickly. There are several games focused on this topic, but without a doubt this one is very fun. Likewise, it is perfect for all ages, let's see some advantages of this game:

  • It's very entertaining
  • It offers you various mathematical operations
  • It has difficulty levels so you can play without fear of losing
  • Helps you practice mental quickness
  • Does not require much space on your device
  • Perfect for learning how to solve difficult operations and calculations quickly and efficiently

What benefits does this game offer you?

Many people do not find it necessary to mentally calculate mathematical operations, because they have the help of a calculator. However, they do not know that the practice of mental calculation offers them many benefits that they do not know about. Likewise, we must bear in mind that the use of calculators is not very favorable for our personal evolution. Let's see below the benefits offered by this type of game:

It helps you to better develop short-term memory

It makes it easier for your brain to get used to storing information in its short-term memory. It also helps to efficiently retrieve said information seconds later. With this practice you will be training your brain implicitly.

Increase your mental quickness

The faster you are at solving an operation mentally, the faster you can win mentally. It is not about knowing all the multiplication tables by heart.But rather that you are able to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations more quickly. In fact, if you train your mental speed you will be able to process information in other aspects more quickly.

It provides you with thinking strategies that you can apply in solving problems

You can train your brain to be more logical and deductive about your thoughts. In this way it will be much easier for you to solve problems in your personal life effectively. In fact, if you get your brain used to finding mathematical techniques on its own, your ability to solve problems using logic and deduction will also increase. Likewise, mental calculation is a very effective tool to put our brain in shape.


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