Jaun de Alzate

This store "the science of Jaun" is based on the character called "Jaun de Alzate" from the novel "the legend of Jaun de Alzate" by the writer Pio Baroja.

Jaun de Alzate is the "lord" of Alzate, a small town in Navarra, in the middle ages.

Jaun is a person who believes in the ancient religion of the Basques and their superstitions.

Several novelties appear around you, among them, the entry of another religion (Catholic) and the entry of scientific thought.

Little by little, Jaun becomes a skeptic whose search for the truth leads him through the study of the sciences of the time.

Jaun seeks the truth, but what is the truth?

Disenchanted, Jaun immerses himself in the science of the time, although it doesn't quite satisfy him;

- so many unanswered questions

- so many questions that generate more questions

- so much to study

- how easy it would be to believe.

This is Jaun, and this project is a bit in memory of the character and his creator; Pio Baroja.

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