The mosaic and its influence today

The mosaic is a very old art, which refers mainly to artistic works built with tesserae, which are pieces of different shapes and colors, made up of materials such as stone, ceramic or glass, and from which the Romans made a real specialty.

How to make a Roman mosaic?

The Roman mosaic was made with tesserae, that is, pieces of different sizes, generally small cubic ones made of calcareous rocks or glass or ceramic material, placed distributing the color and form, grouping them with cement on the surfaces of ceilings, walls and floors to form geometric or figurative compositions.


The Byzantine Mosaic

The Byzantine mosaic is the continuation of the Roman mosaic. The Byzantine mosaic was characterized by its figurative compositions, most of which spread the imperial figure and its religion, highlighting the influence of Christianity in the Byzantine Empire.

One of the best-known works of Byzantine art style is the mosaic of Justinian , in which the Emperor Justinian and his entourage are represented.

Said mosaic symbolizes the power throughout his extensive empire of who is considered one of the most important personalities of antiquity. This depiction is found in the church of San Vital in Ravenna, located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.

The use of mosaic today

As we can see, the art of mosaic used as decoration became popular with the Romans, in such a way that it was very common in the construction of their houses or villas, becoming an artistic-industrial genre .

Currently, the mosaic in decoration is still widely used, and one of the types we find is the mosaic tile, which consists of a piece of ceramic with little thick and with a crystalline appearance, due to the glaze obtained from a firing process with enamel, for this reason, it is a waterproof piece with a glossy finish.

The mosaic tile

The mosaic tile is usually placed forming patterns of drawings or shapes, and can be part of the decoration of walls and floors both inside and outside, being its use very wide, but given its characteristics, It is common to find them in spaces such as bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes and pool areas.

The digital mosaic

The term mosaic not only refers to artistic works built in a tessera with stone, ceramic or glass materials, but also applies to the field of images and photography when we refer, for For example, the process of joining several photos into one, like a traditional mosaic, to form a photo collage, or image compositions made up of hundreds of small images.

How to make a photo mosaic?

Also known as mosaic photo, it is a type of montage typically made with computer programs or applications compatible with android operating systems and the like.

For this, we find online tools that allow us to create a mosaic with photos, since most of these tools are free and very easy to use. Photoshop is one such tool, and it is widely used to stitch photos together by identifying the common areas of layers and aligning them so that identical areas overlap.

How to mosaic photos in Photoshop?

The process of making a photo mosaic, consists of selecting an image that will be the main one on which the mosaic will be made, and that will be divided into rectangular sections, just as in the process of mixing the tiles in a traditional mosaic, with the characteristic that each one of the elements of the mosaic will be superimposed and replaced by other colored photographs

These photographs will be adjusted to the element of the original image, which when viewed, will remain the main image formed by the other smaller images, in the details of individual pixels it will be seen as the main image, however, when viewed as a whole with zoom or enlargement effect, it will be possible to appreciate that the image is made up of hundreds of images that are part of the composition.

The mosaic as an educational and entertainment tool

Similarly, we can affirm that the mosaic translates into an educational game and a didactic. Also, its function is similar to that of a puzzle, with which children can make combinations with pieces of different sizes and colors, developing a wide variety of creative patterns with the colored blocks.

There are many benefits that mosaics provide, as they stimulate creativity, tactile learning, logical thinking and spatial perception. They are commonly used as school reinforcement from the age of four. Games with mosaics are ideal for developing children's dexterity and motor skills.

How to make a mosaic for children?

There are variants in the techniques for making mosaics, one of these being the one in which a mosaic for children can be made using paper, unlike the traditional ones that are made with pieces of different sizes. shapes and colors, made of materials such as stone, ceramic or glass.

What is the procedure for making mosaics for children?

It is important to note that the procedure for making a mosaic is similar, regardless of the material used, and is similar to putting together a puzzle.

This technique consists of a craft with pieces of paper of different sizes and colors, in which a motif is made by combining the different pieces of paper.

The work of creating a paper mosaic is an ideal alternative for children to practice free play, due to the ease with which figures can be created by cutting paper and shaping it, being able to make a portrait or simply letters as a base to trace your name.

The purpose of this activity is to improve the child's eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, and it is important to consider that while using the scissors, the child must always be under the supervision of an adult to avoid accidents..

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