The invention of the mop

The mop, also called coleto, mop, mop, rag, in short, it has many names according to the geographical location.

The mop, as she is called in Spain, is a super useful cleaning tool. Thanks to it, you don't have to kneel down to clean or scrub floors as was the custom in the past.

It is a great modern advance that makes life easier for people. You never imagined that such a simple invention could solve such a big problem a long time ago.

The people who did the cleaning in the houses got to develop big biceps and to be very strong due to their work.

To perform the cleaning, the person had to get on their knees and curve their back to reach the ground; then I had to scrub it hard to get the dirt out of it.

It was very heavy work and one of the reasons people shunned cleaning work, as it was enslaving.

And the most curious thing is that it was a Spaniard, by military profession, who devised this wonderful tool with which the cleaning any area.

Who invented the mop?

The inventor of this very useful tool today , was a soldier of Spanish origin named Manuel Jalón Corominas.< /p>

he was an aeronautical engineer of the Spanish army . And his idea was as simple as adding a stick to the scourer with which they cleaned the floor.

In this way, it was no longer necessary to kneel to clean, but people could clean upright, that is, standing up.

It was a great relief for the cleaners because, by not being on their knees, their back and leg pains were greatly improved.

The idea came to this brilliant inventor when he saw the cloths that were pushed with a stick to clean hangars. The oil released by the planes had to be cleaned frequently, and they did it this way.

Therefore, he made the first mop with a wooden stick and a bundle of cotton strips, or scouring pad, at one end of it.

In addition, it also consisted of a bucket with some rollers that were operated with a pedal para < b>wring out the cotton mop from the mop, the invention was later patented.

After a while, he made a second prototype consisting of a bucket with a funnel of holes to drain the mop. This model is the one used today.

After the invention of the mop, along with 2 partners, Captain Manuel Jalón founded the company Manufacturas Rodex S.A. This is the first trademark of the mop.

He quickly became known in the world because he was lucky that in Spain there was a boom in tourism, and tourists began to see the mop as a very innovative tool and to carry it to their homes as one more souvenir.

Characteristics of the mop

The original mop consisted of a bucket with rollers that were operated with a pedal to drain the cotton strips

It was made from a wooden broomstick with a bundle of cotton strips at one end, used to clean the floor.

Water and some cleaning product were added to the bucket, the mop was wet and wrung out with the rollers.

Later, the invention was improved by changing the rollers into a funnel with holes in which the cotton strips were twisted to squeeze them, the water falling into the bucket.

The stick of the mop can be made of wood, aluminum or plastic.

Types of mops

Currently there are 5 types of mop of different materials and that are used according to the type of floor to be cleaned. The most common are microfiber and cotton.

Microfiber mop:

It is made up of polyamide and polyester threads or strips. They have a high absorption capacity, are very resistant to wear and for that reason, they are ideal for daily cleaning. Especially on smooth surfaces that do not allow much moisture, such as parquet, marble or stoneware floors.

Cotton mop:

You can buy them with 2 types of cotton: a raw cotton, which has not been chemically treated and is very resistant and therefore , it has a longer duration.

And the chemically treated cotton called white cotton. Chemical treatment takes away durability, but adds absorbency.

Mops with this type of bleached cotton are ideal for rough surfaces or that require a more thorough cleaning, as they withstand cleaning chemicals very well.

Sponge mops:

As the name suggests, they have a sponge instead of strips. In addition, they have the drainer attached directly.

They are super absorbent and highly recommended for cleaning tiles and tiles. Any uneven surface where water accumulates can be cleaned with this type of mop.

Must be well maintained as they can breed bacteria if not properly cleaned after use.


The mop has a flat surface and you can get it in various materials such as microfiber, cotton, polyester , etc.

It can be changed when it gets stained or worn. Likewise, you can buy disposable mops in the market.

This mop is widely used in cleaning large areas such as schools, shopping malls, offices, etc.

They remove accumulated dirt and dust very well due to the transit of people or animals. Ideal for flat surfaces.

Professional mop:

They are circular in shape at the cleaning end. They cover much more surface in each pass.

You get them with a special bucket for this type of mop that includes a wringer adapted to it.

They are ideal for fast and efficient cleaning. In the market you recognize them as round rotating mops because of the shape of their end.

Choose the mop that best suits you according to the type of soil you have; be it parquet, marble, vinyl, cement, etc. you will always find a mop that suits your needs.


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