Tips for seeing a meteor shower

Seeing a meteor shower is something that excites the whole familyand can become a magical moment. Although meteor showers occur throughout the year, it is in summer when they are most visible as the sky is much clearer. That is why one of the great events of the summer season is the Perseids, which can be enjoyed for several weeks in summer.

But what are meteor showers? how can we see a meteor shower clearly?

What are meteor showers?

The meteor shower is, simply, an astronomical phenomenon that we can see in the sky at the moment in which the Earth burns the remains of a comet when it enters the Earth's atmosphere.

Seeing a shower of stars is not easy since the light pollution of the city prevents us from seeing the remains of the comets that fly in the sky, but it is much easier to do it if we go to a secluded place. Of course, the sky must be clear and dark, so the ideal time to clearly see a meteor shower is summer nights.

Tips for seeing a meteor shower

If you want to see the meteor shower as a family, don't miss these tips below that will allow you and your loved ones to enjoy a meteor shower.

Stay away from light pollution

The darker the sky, the better you can see the stars. That is why you should stay away from any artificial light that prevents you from enjoying a magical night under the stars.

Don't use telescopes, it's not necessary

It's important to note that telescopes or binoculars shorten the area where you can see the Meteor Shower, so you might miss the whole show. It will be much better to lie down and watch the sky.

Telescopes are often used to view a small area of ​​the sky, and that's not exactly what we want when we're waiting to see the stars.

Much better without the moon

The natural light of the moon can prevent the meteor shower from being seen clearly, but what can we do in these cases? Since it is not possible to hide the natural light of the moon, find out the best time to see the stars.

Get a coat

To be able to see the meteor shower well, it is necessary to get away from the city and go to the beach or the mountains. Whichever site you choose, it's best to bring some coat as the nights are colder in these areas, especially if you're going to wait under the sky to enjoy the rain.

Patience, a lot of patience

Seeing a meteor shower is not easy, that's why we recommend having a lot of patience to be able to see one of the biggest meteorites. It will be very worth it. Of course, keep your eyes open because it can happen at any time.

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