Do you know any move to win fast at chess?

Since its remote origins in Asia, the game of chess has always had among its objectives to win the rival as soon as possible with the fewest possible moves. The legendary Anatoli Kárpov, Garri Kaspárov and even the very recent protagonist of the Queen's Gambit series seek to achieve the checkmate that will lead them to victory, choosing the best move from their vast repertoire to win fast in chess.

If what you want is to humiliate your friends or leave your grandfather with his mouth open in front of the board while his king collapses, it is important that you know everything related to chess moves and techniques to win fast most recommended.

Can you win fast in a game of chess?

What would you think if we told you that one of the most complex board games in the world can be won in just two plays? The answer to the question of whether it is possible to win quickly in chess is that everything will depend on the experience of your opponent.

If, for example, your objective is to make your 8-year-old cousin cry in less than 5 minutes, there are plays and techniques with which it will be very easy for you to win, as long as the person in front of the board don't put up too much resistance, especially at the beginning of the game with the so-called openings (open, semi-open, close or semi-close). In short, you have to guide your strategy depending on the first move made by the other player.

Chess moves and techniques to win fast

Fool's mate or checkmate in two moves

The madman's mate is one of the best easy chess moves to quickly win a game. Its name comes from how badly the opponent is playing, as if he is crazy. It is practically mission impossible to mate with two moves, since the king is protected by other pieces around him.

Basic Moves:

  1. White's Pawn F3 / Black's Pawn E5
  2. White's Pawn G4 / Black's Queen H4

With just two moves and taking advantage of the open diagonal, you can score a checkmate. If you want to help your opponent (white pieces) not receive tremendous humiliation, tell him not to move the "F" pawn!

Matte of the shepherd

It consists of winning using a maximum of four moves. Contrary to what happened with the madman's mate, in this move it is not necessary for the opponent to make a specific opening, but only make a mistake defending the square F7 (white pawn in front of the bishop, next to the king. Although they can If there are up to eight variations, we recommend that you use the basic move.

Basic Movements

  1. White's Pawn E4 / Black's Pawn E5
  2. White's Queen H5 / Black's Knight C6
  3. White's Bishop C4 / Black's Knight F6
  4. White's King F7


The traps in chess are one of the most important techniques to play chess that exist. They are essential to make your opponent fall into the nets, managing to checkmate him or enabling the move you are looking for.

Trompowsky opening:

  1. White's Pawn to D4 / Black's Knight to F6
  2. White's Bishop to G5 / Black's Pawn to C6
  3. White's Pawn to E3 / Black's Queen to A5
  4. White's Knight to C3 / Black's Queen to G5

The white pieces have neglected their defense and left the king and bishop neglected.

Caro-Kann Defense:

  1. White's pawn to E4 / Black's pawn to C6
  2. Banks Pawn to D4 / Black Pawn to D5
  3. White's Knight to C3 / Black's Knight to E4
  4. White's Knight to E4 / Black's Knight to D7
  5. White's Queen to E2 / Black's Knight to F6
  6. White's Knight to D6

Very similar to the French Defense It is one of the most solid and famous openings that exist.

Now that you know some examples of moves to win quickly in chess and what is the technique or trap that you have to use against your most expert opponent, we encourage you to demonstrate everything you have learned and let Your rival's reputation and self-esteem are in shambles.


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