With the riddles for children you will have hours of fun

The riddles for kids have the ability to stimulate the imagination and sense of humor in the little ones. Since playing them is so much fun, if you haven't played it yet, reading this article will cheer you up and see how much fun you'll have.

This is a very easy game where you seek to solve an enigma or mystery by finding an answer, often the most absurd and obvious. Which produces very funny reactions during the process of deciphering it, since most of the time we answer wrongly. And that's what playing riddles is all about!

It is a challenge and mental test that makes you think and find a result in a playful way and excellent for learning. But if it is done within a family group. Encouraged to strengthen family ties and entertainment capacity to spend quality time.

What are riddles for kids all about?

The riddles are unknowns that must be solved using our ingenuity and challenging the participants, which is a lot of fun. The power to solve it becomes a duel where not only logic enters the game, it is also necessary to put the imagination to work.

The word play involved in the puzzles makes you alert and very attentive at all times. Since riddles for kids will try to trick you in order to mislead the participant, something similar to riddles, but not the same.

Riddles are more confusing where deduction plays a major role in getting the result. This is a pleasant pastime, even more so if the solution is known, since funny reactions are generated. But beware, being attentive is the key.

Because some data is overlooked because it appears to be meaningless and unimportant. For this same reason, no element should be discarded, nor stop analyzing and linking if you want to find the solution to the riddle.

Do you know where the word riddle comes from?

The word “riddle” is a word compound of Latin terms. Where the “ad” means did, “centum” in the sense of true and the diminutive suffix ijo.

The most important keys to solve riddles for kids


You must be very focused and attentive when playing the puzzles. You must know how to listen very well and let people speak too, in order to understand. With this, you ensure that you do not miss any clue of the question that they are asking you.

When you manage to get that clue, think about what it is about, and then you can solve it, giving the right answer.

Group play

Although you can play it alone it is very boring, if you can play it alone because there are games on the computer. But it's not as much fun as playing it with your family or friends. You'll spend your time laughing when someone messes up with a crazy answer, until you find who comes up with the right one.


Reading books of any kind will give you a lot of information about words you don't know and thus enrich your vocabulary. Remember, the more you know the faster you can solve the puzzles.

Now we will leave you with 15 riddles so you can start practicing.

15 riddles for kids

  1. She's coming, she's coming, nobody has her and she has a baby.
  2. We are 12 siblings, I was born the second and I am the youngest. Why?
  3. A white horse entered the Black Sea. How did he get out?
  4. A newly married couple wants to get married, but the church is closed. How do they get married?
  5. What is the woman who always knows where her husband is?
  6. Who is in a bakery?
  7. If a shepherd has 15 sheep and all but nine of them die, how many does he have left?
  8. They run faster than the minutes, but... they never arrive first, what are they?
  9. Two mothers and three daughters wear three cloaks to mass.
  10. I have a hundred ducks, put in a box. How many legs and beaks are there?
  11. If a rooster is standing on top of a roof. And there it lays an egg and the wind is very strong and it goes to the right, where will the egg fall?
  12. A duck and a boy are born at the same time. After a year, which will be the older of the two?
  13. A boy fell from a 15-meter-high ladder, tripped, and fell to the ground, but was not hurt or injured. There was no mat or anything on the ground for him to catch. How could that be possible?
  14. The day before yesterday, Ramiro was 15 years old. Next year, he'll be 18. How is that possible?
  15. Be careful with the last one In the sea I don't get wet, in the embers I don't burn, in the air I hold myself and you also have me in your arms.


  1. The letter N
  2. Born on a leap year
  3. Solution: he came out wet
  4. They are already newlyweds
  5. The Widow
  6. The baker
  7. You have 9 left
  8. The seconds
  9. The mother, the daughter and the granddaughter
  10. Four legs and two beaks
  11. It can't be because roosters don't lay eggs.
  12. It's the duck because it's a year old.
  13. The child fell from the bottom step.
  14. Today is the first of January. Yesterday, December 31, Ramiro turned 16 years old. On December 30 he was still 15. This year he will be 17, and next year he will be 18.
  15. The letter A

Did you like it?

Don't stop using these riddles for kids when you are with your friends or family, because you will have pleasant moments and great fun. We guarantee that you will not have time to get bored. The most important thing about playing this game is that you will also learn many things that you probably didn't know.

There are specialized books on riddles and you can also find pages on the internet that not only have written or verbal riddles. There are also picture puzzles of all kinds, from math puzzles to image deduction puzzles, with which you have to guess the result.


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