How to motivate a child to learn math

Mathematics is one of the least successful subjects among the youngest. Mathematics requires a lot of attention and concentration, something that, sometimes, is not so easy to achieve in children. That's why finding the best way to motivate them to make them fun can be the best solution.

But how do you motivate a child to learn math? What guidelines should we follow so that they enjoy and do not feel that it is a school imposition?

Tricks to motivate a child in learning mathematics

Although it is not an easy path, with perseverance and effort we can ensure that children have fun learning mathematics. We are going to know some tricks that you can put into practice right now.

Never speak negatively about mathematics

Even if you don't like mathematics, we recommend that you never speak ill of it since it is possible that children end up internalizing this thought and see it as something negative. Stop saying that "math is very hard" and change it to "math is fun."

This message will deeply penetrate the little ones and they will begin to appreciate them and even want to continue learning.

Motivate children to learn

Motivation is one of the great keys for a child to be interested in learning mathematics. If the little one is not curious to learn, she will never do it.

Start counting when they are little

For children to show an interest in mathematics, it is important that they keep it in mind from an early age. How? Well, starting at the same time they learn to walk or talk.

Climbing the stairs counting the steps, counting the pieces of fruit for snacks, playing with their toes... this will motivate them to continue counting and learning in their day to day life.

Invent mathematical games to learn while having fun

All children love to play. That is why inventing mathematical games is a good way to encourage them and generate interest in numbers. Now, what games can be used to learn while playing?

  • Geometric blocks: in addition to ordering them or making mountains, you can count the faces of each figure or order them by color.
  • Classify everyday objects: counting the cutlery while they are being placed is a good option. The same with clothes and even with his toys.
  • Sort from smallest to largest.
  • Treasure hunt: put the clues with numbers and let him discover them little by little. You will love this game.

These are some of the games that can be used to motivate a child to learn math with little effort.

With these tricks you will see how he becomes more and more interested in numbers, he will even love learning to do math or mental calculation as time goes on. Of course, it is important to practice every day in a natural way so that you do not lose interest.

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