We have already talked a lot about the benefits of introducing educational robotics in the classroom, to begin to familiarize the little ones with this noble discipline.

The benefits of this educational system through robotics are multiple: learning to work as a team, on projects, with clearly established objectives, and above all, in an interdisciplinary way.

And perhaps this is one of the keys to this, multidisciplinary and holistic work to address problems from different perspectives in order to solve them.

Educational robotics proposes a scenario in which students approach problems from different approaches, to finally end up designing, assembling and programming an automaton.

but like any more or less innovative discipline, it presents a series of shortcomings and basic and structural problems.

In the first place, the educational system is not prepared for a total integration of this type of education in the classroom, and its evaluation in an effective way for the future of the students, and its curricular implementation, it is In other words, we do not know how to evaluate this knowledge and integrate it into the academic curriculum of the students.

On the other hand, we lack teaching staff sufficiently prepared for their teaching, since, in turn, they have not received specific training in this regard.


And it is that in this sense, perhaps the lack of training of the teachers themselves, makes it impossible for educational robotics to be integrated into our school system.

Until now, teachers who want to be trained in educational robotics have had to invest their time and effort, without any support from the system, to achieve this training.

Secondly, those who are looking for an educational robotics course for teachers find very little supply, and very often in online modalities through academies not certified for this purpose.

How can a teacher invest their own resources and efforts in self-training, in order to then educate their students? And what is even more striking, what if all that effort has turned out to be in vain, since the course you have taken is not approved?

In the professional circles of teachers, the debate focuses on the fact that the colleges and schools themselves, or training centers, recognize this extra effort, officially introducing robotics as an evaluative subject to use, and trying to ensure that training in educational robotics for this community is official, approved, and meritorious in public service competitions.

The first step has been taken with the creation in certain communities of the certificate in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), but there is still a long way to go in this regard.< /p>

There are certain academies that teach educational or pedagogical robotics courses with some success, especially in the capitals of the autonomous community of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​although the offer is quite scarce.

At the moment, one of the few university centers that provides specific training aimed at educational robotics for teachers is the University of La Rioja.

The title of University Expert: Robotics, Programming and 3d Printing, is a specific study 100% online, which denotes its purely practical nature and above all, aimed at active professionals who cannot travel to a study center or dedicate whole days to this work

We are sure that it is a matter of time before other centers get on the train of educational robotics courses for teachers, meanwhile, we will have to take care of ourselves to train ourselves in this discipline.


We have compiled some of the educational robotics courses that are currently taught in our country.

We have focused on those that in our opinion are more interesting, either because of the teaching load, because of the study program it teaches, or because of their nature. In the same way, we have specially selected those who teach this education in NON-PRESENTIAL mode or 100% online, since we understand that those teachers who are interested in these educational robotics courses, are mostly active.


Donatic has spent years in the field of teacher training in the robotics and mechatronics sector. His program is very complete and they work with small groups of a maximum of 12 people, in order to offer exceptional quality in their educational method. They use the MBot and Ranger kits as educational robotics kits, which is a guarantee, since they are well-established models within the educational community. They also teach Scratch programming language. The courses are taught by certified trainers from Makeblock Spain. If you want to take a look at their courses and the events they organize, you can do so by clicking HERE


This educational project is structured in a very interesting way. In the first place, we see that its main objective is the training of teachers through highly compartmentalized educational robotics tutorials and courses on its WEB.

On the other hand, it has a lot of free content, both in Scratch programming training, Arduino boards, and much more. In turn, it has a "payment" area in which we receive a lot of additional material, which will make things even easier for us, and in which we will have all the necessary tools to continue with our training in this field.


This company is part of the network of training centers certified by Lego Education. It has a wide catalog of courses available and they provide WeDo accreditation. One point to keep in mind is that they train their students using the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics). You can visit their web page from HERE and study the wide educational offer they offer to both educators and schools.


This online training center has a long history in the world of ONLINE teacher training. Among their digital courses, they have several Educational Robotics Courses aimed at teaching staff.

These are simple courses to follow, designed to be done 100% remotely and at our own pace, and they are very well structured. In fact, we can read reviews on the internet that speak wonders about them, and at a fairly reasonable price compared to some of the previous ones.A good option if you want to start teaching robotics for teachers, but do not want to make a very high initial outlay Visit their site THROUGH THIS LINK


Surely if you have been interested in educational robotics in the classroom, you have heard of Lego robotics KITs.

Lego, a true reference in this field, understood DECADES ago, the importance that robotics and engineering would have in the classroom, and began to develop simple but very complete and extremely flexible Kits, within the reach of everyone.

In addition, it was proposed early on to train the educational community so that they could transmit this knowledge to their students.

This is how the Lego Technic Kits were born.

These Kits are made up of gears, parts and motors, and offer endless possibilities, including robot control via APP. They have always opted for innovation and Lego Technic is today an absolute benchmark to follow in Educational Robotics. Although it is true that they are not the simplest robot assembly kits on the market, they are undoubtedly the ones that offer the greatest number of possibilities.

Just take a look at Youtube, and you'll even find fully FUNCTIONAL 1:1 size vehicles built from a Lego Technic base.

Lego Technic is the logical evolution of the first Lego pieces that gave us so much play in childhood, and that have taken a leap into the future of educational robotics


Getting away from the extreme specialization of Lego Kits, we will find a wide range of educational robotics kits suitable for all audiences, whatever their level of knowledge of the subject.

All we need to do is search the internet to find a multitude of ready-to-assemble Kits, even without the need to program a single line of code.

The most widely used kits within the educational community are the Mbot, the BeeBot, and the Ranger Kits. And this is so for several reasons. The community of teachers require Robotics Starter Kits, and this translates into ease of use, that they are open source so that they do not have to pay for expensive annual licenses, and that they also have an infinite number of spare parts, or enlargement.

Surely if we ask our children, or any professional in the sector about an educational robotics kit for all audiences, they will suggest one of these names.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these Kits for your personal use or for your school, we guarantee that you will not go wrong


We would like to end this article by talking about a store that has been a pioneer in the introduction, training and marketing of Robotics for educational purposes in our country. This is Ro-Botica, an undisputed authority within this world, and from which we can acquire almost any piece, element or component of robotics that we can imagine.

Their staff is very professional, and at any time you can go to them to consult your doubts or needs. They will always advise you in the best way.

Furthermore, they are part of a series of collaborative networks in the field of robotics education and are fully involved in promoting educational robotics in society.

As if that were not enough, they actively collaborate in the Robotics Olympics and in other events related to the construction and programming of robots as a contest

Highly recommended


We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you have learned something clear about Educational Robotics, its use in classrooms and how to start training ourselves in the best way, to introduce it in our classrooms with guarantees of success.

Transmitting such a passion to students will make all the effort worthwhile.


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