How to start in robotics?

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been fascinated with the idea of ​​machines capable of imitating our movements. The Greeks and Egyptians built statues with hydraulic machinery to surprise anyone who saw them and of course it worked. The barbarians saw them and said: "Oh wow, what a surprise!", but in the barbarian language. It was not until after the start of the industrial revolution when we can see the first "robots" in history.

First…what is a robot? A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial being that fulfills certain functions, such as opening a door, lifting a car or dominating the world (help!). Surely when you hear the word "robot" you imagine RD-D2 or Terminator. The most enthusiastic imagine a future in which we live with in the movie "I, Robot", but the truth is that today we already live surrounded by the influences of these beings.

A lot of what you eat was probably processed by a robot, every time you google something or ask Siri for something it is a robot that answers you, sometimes with a funny accent. Many of your belongings were made by robots, even the soccer ball you see in stores is inflated by one. You may have already considered getting a roomba to clean the house. Robots are everywhere, what's more, right now you're reading someone's words... Ok, that's not true, but I made you doubt and that's my point, you can't even notice them in your environment... if I'm a robot...maybe I'm behind you. Lie, you can continue reading quietly, gallant.

For the purposes of this article we are going to divide robotics into two: functional robotics and recreational robotics.

Functional robotics is one that is studied with the aim of creating electromechanical systems or artificial intelligences that can perform different tasks that facilitate and/or help human beings, but why do we need them to help us with our labors? Could it be that we are lazy and want robots to do everything for us? "Don't I already have two air fryers?" Nothing to see, although it is rare that you have two air fryers... Back to the point, if it weren't for the machines we would still be working in the fields, traveling by horse for days and having to write everything by hand. Also, how would we communicate without emoticons? That's almost traveling 300 years into the past.

On the other hand, there is the recreational robotics, the one that people dedicate themselves to just for fun and without the purpose of creating something that will revolutionize (or conquer, annihilate and restart) the world. This part of robotics has many followers and is usually made up of enthusiastic people who build their own robots with circuits and cables that they have stored. Within this group are those who popularized the "BattleBots", battles between robots that were broadcast on the internet and television as if it were a Pokémon fight, but without evolving. Sad.

Nowadays, to start robotics, you don't have to have a doctorate from MIT or be the son of Elon Musk. In the second case you already have to deal with too much. A hug X AE A-XII.

From the smallest to the largest can start in this field at the time they want. This area continues and will continue to gain followers over time. It is very likely that in your university or school there are robotics clubs that you can start. Generally, the study houses that offer careers in mechanical engineering, computer engineering or electronic engineering have one or more of these clubs.

Schools have also joined this new wave.Electrical workshops are becoming more and more common where they teach students to repair equipment, build circuits and small robots, and deceive their parents about the burns they came home with (parents and guardians, children are learning, please don't sue for everything)

The exact precision with which a robot can be calibrated is practically unattainable for human beings, something that you can notice seeing how a huge industry works full of machinery that does not hinder each other or pour coffee on each other. His work partners. It is this precision that has led to the initiation of research that results in robots that can perform surgical operations in delicate places such as the heart or the brain where the slightest human error can end the life of the patient or give them strange superpowers, right? I wish there were superheroes...

Movies have been responsible for conveying the idea that artificial intelligence and robots will replace us in the future, not only in our jobs, but also taking total control of the planet and using them as they please, just like we do with them. Although it is possible that we are living a simulation (we support you, Elon, we support you), it is very unlikely that this will happen.

And we're not all going to be unemployed if we continue in robotics, rather we'll discover new jobs like... ok, no way of knowing, but we're betting "autobot psychologist" could be one. And vice versa. Who knows, maybe in the future your favorite youtuber or singer doesn't even have to be human, as it happens in Japan with the character "Hatsune Miku".

So remember, robots started out as a science fiction idea and today they are key parts of our daily lives as human beings. The study of robotics benefits humanity as a whole and the more people we have around the globe studying this branch of science, the faster we will achieve results and we will be able to establish a colony on Saturn. Mars looks very hot.


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