How to make a homemade telescope for children?

The telescopes are objects that allow us to explore a large number of stars that surround our world. For children, discovering new things is a fundamental part of their growth, since it can increase their locomotor capacity. There is no better way to do it than to make a homemade telescope for them, but how?

Actually, it's quite easy and we don't need any hard-to-find materials. In fact, it is likely that most of them are in your own house, or that you can get them around the corner. Next, we will show you the materials and steps to follow to create a homemade telescope made for the little ones in the house.

Materials to make a children's homemade telescope

The materials you must have to make a children's telescope at home are:

  • 2 cardboard tubes with different sizes. Toilet paper rolls and a large napkin roll will do.
  • 2 loupes that are a different size, but with the same size tubes.
  • Cardboard
  • Adhesive tape
  • Paint, tempera or cold.
  • Rag

Steps to build the telescope

  1. Take the cardboard and wrap the two tubes. Sometimes it happens that the tubes cannot be adapted to the magnifying glass. In that case, you have to build the tubes of cardboard or thick cardboard, or make a tube with double cardboard. This way you can make the circumference the size of the magnifying glass. Obviously the size should be large enough to cover the eye.
  2. Proceed to adhere the large magnifying glass to the end with a sticky tape
  3. After that, glue the small magnifying glass to the small tube, so that it can slide when insulated.
  4. Add the small tube to the large one, and then tape it to the center.
  5. With the telescope ready, hold it by the handles of the magnifying glasses to try it out.

Remember that watchmaker's loupes will also work. Many times, we give ourselves headaches to find objects that at first glance are present in our home.

Make a homemade telescope with a plastic bottle

For this type of telescope you will need only three things in addition to the materials that we have mentioned above. Plastic bottle, strong glue and a cutter

To do this we must:

  1. Cut the plastic bottle in half and then keep the top.
  2. Then the small magnifying glass should be glued to the mouth of the bottle
  3. Proceed to cut the cardboard tube, at least about 35 cm.
  4. Then cut a second had with these measurements
  5. Insert the bottle with the top into one of the tubes you cut
  6. To shape the telescope you must cut the other tube lengthwise, so that it is uncovered.
  7. After that, put the big magnifying glass on its end
  8. He adds he had to have the small magnifying glass on the other tube
  9. After that secure it with the duct tape, or you can use the strong glue
  10. Remember that he had the small magnifying glass, it should be loose. Otherwise you won't be able to scroll.

What can children learn with homemade telescopes?

Telescopes allow them to see beyond their nose. Obviously, their peripheral vision after one year of age allows them to see further. But, with one of these homemade products, they will be able to access a new world and will understand that the human eye is simply a tool with limitations.

A home telescope will give you new ideas and a different concept in your life. It is the first step for them to understand that in order to have what they want, they must always focus not only on things that are visible.

Despite the fact that they are children and this concept is very complete, even for many of our age.Actually, they can understand it more easily. Perhaps at our age we ask ourselves many questions about it, but surely it is because we were never able to build our own homemade telescope as children.

Now that you know how to do it, will you be able to teach your child a new adventure? You have no excuse anymore, the materials and the way it is built is relatively easy, and it doesn't take long to build one of them.


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