How to make math fun for your kids in 5 steps

Is math the most feared subject in your house and especially in your child? If so, then perhaps you can help by putting into practice a series of tips that we have selected for you to help your child have fun with math and stop seeing it as something stressful, frustrating or boring.

To begin with, something fundamental is that phrases like “I'm not good at math”, “I'm bad at math” begin to disappear from your family vocabulary. All that must be eliminated and replaced by words of motivation and encouragement. But how can you help your child see math in a fun way? Let's see!

  1. Play math games with him

There are tons of math games you can play together. You just have to choose one and enjoy the moment. Have fun!

  1. Take a field trip to a math or science museum

This could be a good way to motivate him. Make everything around the day of the trip fun and motivating for him. The preparation, a delicious sandwich, his favorite cookies, etc. Once in the museum, make sure he enjoys it and go slowly. Nothing happens if you don't visit it completely or the child gets tired before finishing. The important thing is that he is curious about what he is seeing. Help him figure it out.

  1. Show your child what math is for in a hands-on setting

Let the child see how you calculate the best product to buy at the supermarket based on the price or the cost of gasoline. Do calculations out loud and engage your child in understanding the value of numbers in a hands-on setting.

  1. Teach your child how to manage his money

Give him a notebook to record his income and expenses and show him how he can manage his money. Explain little by little concepts such as interest and how to calculate it if he wants to ask you for a loan.

  1. Take into account your child's tastes and interests.

Mathematics can be applied to any facet of life. Therefore, there is no need to make them boring. Apply them to what your child likes. If it's soccer, then make records and averages of the best shots of it, for example. Take this example to whatever else your child enjoys and practice math in a casual way.


As you can see, there are always ways to practice mathematics in a more fun and casual way than limiting ourselves to mere theory or repetition of concepts that do not help the child at all and in many cases makes him lose all interest in this stuff. With a bit of creativity and approaching mathematics as a game, the child can begin to relate to them in a different way and begin to see them with different eyes. Be patient and give it time.

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