How to make educational games for children?

This time we will talk to you about how to make educational games for children, since through them, you promote countless values ​​and allow them to learn to take on challenges and overcome obstacles in childhood. failures, through playful activity. Keep reading, it's very interesting.

How to make educational games?

Through playful activity, children learn to develop memory, as well as enhance motor and social skills. Now that you know part of the benefits you get, it is essential to answer how to make educational games for children.

Mainly that they have an impact on their learning environment, detecting needs and interests according to the child's age, we will know how to make educational games that are to their liking using varied resources such as cardboard of different colors, punches and materials for trim.

Also, you can use, from colors of wax or wood, watercolors, covers of different sizes and colors that allow you to learn, to take advantage of figures of different sizes and costumes.

All this will allow you to enhance creativity and enjoy how to make educational games for children, developing social skills through useful material, which, without realizing it, you have in your home and sometimes you think is garbage. With these activities, you can recycle it and give it a new use, you can play question and answer games such as riddles, which exercise children's attention.

Various educational games for children

You have doubts about how to make educational games for children, here we will propose some that are easy to do and with useful material that you can keep in your home and that your relatives can help you obtain, you only need a little effort and creativity, so let's get down to educational work.

Caps to make the alphabet

Those bottle caps that we have and frequently throw in the garbage can, now they are going to be essential to make these didactic games. First of all, you need a marker and construction paper to trace each letter of the alphabet.

Then you will cut out each of those letters and stick to each of the covers, or you can label them directly with adhesive tape, once finished you can ask the player or players to identify the letters, both lowercase and uppercase, this it is a very fun way to enter the world of reading, creating and forming words.

You will spend time with your children and while they interact with this game, they will learn to read while playing, since the more covers you collect, you can expand the game and thus create words and phrases that expand the infant's vocabulary.


Another very fun game that will help you make educational games for children is Memory.

Using various resources, there can be more recyclable lids and inside the lid you make the drawing, they must be two identical drawings, so that you help to enhance the concentration of the infant and be able to locate the two lids with the same image.

It is a very fun game and they love it, you can also make them with badges, with obsolete telephone cards, with brightly colored cardboard, in addition to the covers of the compotes, it all depends on the creativity that you put in how to make these educational games.

Box puzzles

You can also make puzzles with boxes as puzzles. This game helps boost memory and you only need to draw a picture, stick it on a cardboard and cover it with transparent contact paper or adhesive tape.

Then you place the number of boxes you require, remember that they are small, four are the minimum so that you can use this didactic resource, you place the boxes on the back of the drawing and with a pencil, you delimit the space so that you can then cut and paste that part of the puzzle to the box

Later, put a number on each box to help the player or players to put the pieces in order and, at the same time, add another difficulty so that the child can learn the numbers while having fun.

Learn colors and geometric shapes

You require cardboard, you are going to capture on the cardboard the number of geometric figures that you need your child to learn and recognize, you are going to make two of each geometric figure and both must be the same color.

The infant must put the geometric figure on top of the corresponding one. Both for the child and for you, it will be gratifying to observe how by practicing this game he will naturally learn colors and geometric figures.

Shadow theatre

Your child loves to be read stories, here I suggest a fun way to narrate them through Shadow theatre. It is another very fun way to make educational games for children, here you will create your own characters based on the story you want to tell to the little ones in the house.

You are going to draw the silhouette of each character of the story, on cardboard or cardboard, then cut out the outline, light a flashlight or a candle, so that the silhouettes are reflected on the wall and start reading your story, it will give a new story to the plot with the interaction of the characters, it is very funny.

Other fun educational activities

Do you still have doubts about how to make educational games for children? Remember, the main thing is that the activity is educational and entertaining.

You can create an interesting bowling game with the plastic bottles that you throw in the trash can, you can recover them, wash them and, in the company of the children, decorate them.

Using a plastic ball, you can start the game with the children, you will teach them to count and recognize colors very well while having fun, with help you can teach them to sow vegetables in wet cotton or in small pots to observe the magical world of nature.

You teach your children the changes that take place daily in plants and they can even eat those few vegetables that you are going to plant at home, it can be in pots, you don't need a lot of space. Of course, you must water them daily, and in addition, you can make comparative charts with the infants.

You already know how to make educational games for kids! Learning while playing can be a close reality right now, childhood is full of surprises, which for them are great discoveries and it is the best way to teach while enjoying it.


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