How to make educational games for children at home

Educational games are a great option for children to have fun at home while developing certain skills that help them improve in their daily lives. Of course, it is not always possible to invest in these educational games so that children learn while having fun and that is precisely why, below, we are going to see how to make educational games for children at home in a simple way. You'll love it!

How to make educational games for children at home manually

To make these games you will only need patience, creativity and some very simple materials that you will surely have at home.

The alphabet with caps

One of the best options to create a cheap and fun educational game is the alphabet with caps. You just have to save the bottle caps and write all the letters of the alphabet so that the little one can learn them.

It's best if the bottle caps are white, but if you can't find them, you can paint them yourself at home before you write all the letters.

A puzzle with a cardboard box

Putting together puzzles is something that the little ones usually like very much. That is why making a puzzle with a cardboard box is a very good option since you will not only be creating an educational game for children, you will also be recycling the material.

To make this toy you will have to cut a piece of cardboard the same size as a drawing sheet. Next, you will have to paste one of the little one's drawings in the box. Then you will paint with a pencil on the back of the cardboard as many lines as you want the puzzle to have pieces.

Once everything is prepared, you will have to cut it with a cutter along the lines you have marked and offer it to the little one in the house so that he can try to put the pieces together.

If you want the puzzle to be easier for the child, you only have to number the pieces so that they only have to look for them at a given time.

Cardboard cutout theater

The theater is one of the funniest educational games for children. That is why creating your own theater can be one of the activities that you like to create the most. Now, how to create a theater with cardboard cutouts?

The truth is that this game is very simple. You will only need cardboard, some straws and glue. Start by drawing the figures you want to have (animals, people, cars...) on the cardboard pieces. Then you just have to cut them out and stick them on the straws. And now you have your theater with cardboard figures!

If you want to make a representation, we recommend that you create the story together before making the pieces. This way you will have a very clear idea of ​​what you need to draw and cut out.

With these simple educational games for children at home you can help them learn while having a fun time with the family. What more can we ask for?

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